Impact of Movies on People's Lives Essay Example

Multiple films are released every year and multitudes of people go to watch these films. These films usually have a moral or lesson to learn and can also inspire people. However, do you think this form of art can change people’s lives. I think that films can change peoples lives. They can allow people to learn important lessons, overcome obstacles in their lives, and make huge decisions in their lives due to inspiration. 

Sometimes tragedies occur in our lives, and we can really need some advice. Many times, in movies the characters also go through tragedies however, those tragedies make them stronger and better people. A person watching a film could learn the lesson that even if life has tragedies and you have to go through those tragedies you can use that and become a stronger and better person. For example, in the movie “Big Hero 6” Hiro Hamadas brother Tadashi dies before he can graduate. Hiro then uses this tragedy of loosing his brother as something good. He decides to go to college and accept his brothers degree on his behalf. He later helps many people as his brother wanted to. Many people can learn the lesson from this movie and implement it in their own lives. 

Like tragedies there are many obstacles in life. These obstacles do not specifically have to be a tragedy, they can be anything.  From trying to get on the basketball team, to starting your own business. Overcoming these obstacles is the main thing. However, sometimes we need a little nudge to overcome these obstacles. For some people films can be just the thing. Hey, if he can do it then I can too! Watching someone overcome and obstacle and accomplish something can be just the push someone needed to overcome their own obstacles in life. For example, someone can be really nervous about signing up for basketball and sees his nervousness as an obstacle but cannot get over it. Watching a film about basketball or someone trying basketball for the first time can really inspire the person to get over the obstacle of nervousness and give basketball a try. 

Now making a huge decision in life is different than overcoming a tragedy or an obstacle. After Top Gun was released in 1986, multitudes of people applied into the military. 1986 was the year that the military got the greatest number of applicants for the military. They were so inspired by watching the film that they decided to apply for the military which is a huge decision. It was amazing to see how a 2-hour film could inspire multitudes of people. 

With the examples given above we can see how this work of art has the ability to change peoples lives. In major and minor ways. Films can inspire, help, and give us the confidence to get over tragedies, obstacles, and can give us the confidence to make important life decisions. So yes, films can help change peoples lives maybe not all but definitely some.


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