The 13th Labor of Hercules Essay Example

Have you ever heard of Hercules? You probably have. You’ve probably heard that he went through 12 labors and lived happily ever after. However, if you think that’s true, you are very wrong. Hercules had a forgotten 13th labor. Why is it forgotten, you ask? Because nobody’s ever heard of it. Why? That’s simple, it’s because Hercules was never able to tell about it. So get ready for the story of his impossible 13th labor.

Indomitable, that was Hercules’s favorite word. After all he thought he was indomitable, because he could never be defeated. Hercules was forbidden to let himself think any differently. Hercules, the hero of Mount Olympus, beloved by all gods and goddesses, had finally completed all of his 12 labors. “Rummmbbbllleeeeee!!” The ground shook and cracked. All of a sudden Zeus appeared out of nowhere. 

“Hercules,” Zeus said, “I need you to come with me now; we have not a moment to spare.” 

Hercules felt like they had been traveling forever but it was actually just an hour and a half. At last, they arrived at a huge wall with a locked door in front of them. Hercules was confused and asked what they were doing. 

“Wait and see my boy.” Replied Zeus. Then not a second later, Zeus kicked down the door with one swift and decisive motion.

“Welcome once again to Tartarus Hercules,” Said Zeus. Hercules didn't remember this entrance, but he didn’t think it was the right time for questions.

“Look,” Zeus yelled while pointing at a giant empty pit. There were hundreds of dead guards spread out around the pit like jelly is spread out on toast. However, to Hercules’s left he could see Cerberus horrifically tore apart and missing 2 out of his 3 heads. Hercules inched over his thoughts like a measuring worm.

“What could have done this?” Hercules thought before asking it out loud. Zeus could tell by Hercules astonished look that he was terrified.

“Typhon,” Replied Zeus looking nervously at the empty pit were Typhon was supposed to be.“Typhon was supposed to be locked up here forever. He’s more powerful than all of us, many of my good strong men died putting him here.” 

“What are you implying?” Asked Hercules nervously.

“Well,” Replied Zeus, “I need you to help me banish him once more. I need you to do a 13th labor.”

More thought rushed through Hercules’s head than the number of cars on a midnight highway. He closed his eyes and opened his mind to think about and process Zeus’s request. Hercules thought long and hard about it and decided to accept the request. However, no more than he opened his eyes; they were standing at the highest point of the highest volcano Hercules had ever seen.

Off in the distance stood a creature with 100 fierce dragon heads and a body made of flaming hot magma.

“How in the love Hades are we supposed to defeat him?” Asked Hercules in a modest but not very invincible voice.

“I’ve banished him once, so with the right help I should be able to do it again.” Replied Zeus. “Do you see the 2 dragon heads in the middle that are bigger than the rest?” 

“Yes,” Replied Hercules looking at the 2 massive heads.

“Without those 4 eyes, Typhon can’t see what is straight in front of him. After you stab the eyes, I will stand in front of him and banish him back to the pits of Tartarus where he belongs.

Before long Hercules was atop one of the massive heads. He drew out his 2 swords and stabbed them directly into the 2 eyes. This caused Typhon to shriek a horrible shriek and sling Hercules to the ground. Looking into the pit of the volcano, Hercules demanded the lava to make a stairway to the second head. After climbing the flaming hot stairs, Hercules stabbed the remaining 2 eyes of Typhon’s.

A loud clap of thunder clapped in front of Typhon. Zeus appeared where the lightning struck and drew out his lightning bolt. Within a split second, Zeus had banished Typhon back to the dark pits of Tartarus. 

After the battle, Zeus realized that Hercules was nowhere to be seen. Zeus searched the grounds until he found the burnt cloth that had been on Hercules throughout the battle. The cloth laid in front of the pit of the volcano. After thinking for a while, Zeus came to the conclusion that Hercules had fell into the volcano in a blaze of glory after Typhon was banished.

While Hercules was never able to tell about the story of his 13th labor, he still went down as a true hero. He still had the respect of all the Gods and Goddesses. Hercules truly proved that you don’t have to be indomitable to be a hero.



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