The Prince and Macbeth Essay Example

While Macbeth followed some of Machiavelli´ś principles, he was ultimately unsuccessful as a leader because Macbeth got defeated by getting killed. The Machiavelli principles that Macbeth encountered were that Macbeth is ruling with an iron fist by constantly murdering people. Machiavelli said that princes should get rid of oppositions to themselves which Macbeth is doing¨ Outwitting opponents with their cunning, these men achieved more than leaders who behaved honestly.¨(chapter 18 paragraph 15)this means that Macbeth is showing Machiavelli's principles by dissenting to the people and it makes him a great ruler to the people of Scotland.Macbeth was always being honest  he called his servants useless and slave in the text it says¨geese villain ¨and he also says ¨liar and slave …..if thous peaks false upon the next tree shall thou hang alive(page 179)this means Macbeth is being devious he's arguing and being honest to his servant. 

Despite following these principles.Macbeth failed as a leader because Macbeth was cruel and Machiavelli says a prince should not deliver cruel.¨But when a ruler is leading his army and commanding large numbers of soldiers, then above all he must have no qualms about getting a reputation for cruelty; otherwise it will be quite impossible to keep the army united and fit for combat (chapter 17 paragraph 12).

This means a prince should not be known as cruelty because his army would turn against him. Macbeth didn't follow that rule because his side thought he was too cruel and turned against him in the text it states ¨let every soldier hew him down a bough and bear´t before him. Thereby shall we shadow the numbers of out host and make discovery err in report us¨(pg 175)This means that Macbeth soldiers are gonna turn on him and to go kill him for not being a great King  

Some might argue that Macbeth was a good king for Scotland. He is brave on the battlefield, seemingly not fearing the text, it says ¨i have almost forgotten the taste of fears¨ (page 177). However, it is likely that Machiavelli would disagree with this statement because Macbeth ends up getting murder a prince should not get murder and hated by his army and Macbeth doesn't wanna die in the text it says¨why should I play the Roman fool and die on my own sword.¨ (page 185) and another piece of text for this statement is ¨enter Macduff with Macbeth's head¨(page 189)this means Macbeth doesn't wanna die but he ends up dying.

In conclusion, Macbeth followed some Machiavelli principles but he also failed as a leader because he didn't do some of Machiavelli's principles and that caused him to die.



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