Wishes - The Disney World Essay Example

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  • Published: 17 March 2021
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When you wish upon a star dreams do come true. It is the iconic phrase that is represented throughout the Magic Kingdom. This theme park in the sunshine state is the glue that holds together my most fondest memories. Disney World is a place where everyone of all ages can be kids at heart. This is where my family and I spent most of our holidays. This world renowned theme park holds a special place in my heart; between my family and I, Halloween, Christmas, and even summer vacations are spent at Disney World.

When I enter the Magic Kingdom, it feels like I am in a new world. Holding the record for the most visited theme park in the world, Magic Kingdom contains six lands. Each of these lands have their own unique themes. The wonderful smells of food, sounds of people laughing, and the sheer feeling of excitement just carries me away. The entrance to Main Street is a testament to what waits ahead in the park itself. As I walk under the bridge that towers over me, I see a trolley carrying people from one area of the park to another. The aroma of ice cream bars and freshly popped popcorn fill the air. Parents frantically run after their kids as I try to dodge them. Before the parade begins, everyone is headed for the brightly lit castle to find seats.  Lined with businesses such as the Confectionary and Casey’s corner, Main Street is the main hub for the other parts of the park. 

The first stop on anyone's day at Disney should be Tomorrowland.  Looking up, the people mover can be seen. A train of three blue cars slowly go around the land. In this ride is a glimpse of the dark ride, Space Mountain. Although much cannot be seen, screams can be made out of people on the ride. Going out of the tunnel of the People Mover will take guest into the Carousel of Progress. This short sit down attraction takes guest into the past and future by showcasing different families lives’. I took many pictures of the scenic views along the journey.  The People Mover could be a relaxing end to a long lasting day. 

Heading out of Tomorrowland leads guests into the wonderful world of Fantasyland. Fantasyland is for the youth and the youth at heart. Enthusiastically, I watched them build the  land during the months we visited the park. Riding the brown mine train, guests can hear the whistles from the seven dwarfs mine train. There are multi-colored gems on the sides of the track ready to be collected. On the way to Adventureland is the most iconic ride in Fantasyland: It’s a Small World. Boats take guests through a path of singing dolls that represent each country. The song that plays throughout the ride embodies the idea that where we live is genuinely a small world after all. 

Over in Adventureland lies the great jungle safari. A small boat takes guests into the lives of various animals. Atop brown, murky water lies a tan, wooden boat that travels across an exotic river. Along both sides of the boat are animatronic animals. The famous jokes are a quintessential part of the cruise. The jungle safari may leave guests famished and the perfect thing to eat is a Dole Whip: a creamy, delectable pineapple soft serve. After finishing this delightful treat, people can head over to Pirates of the Caribbean. This attraction takes guests into the world of devious pirates. Smells of the sea linger in the as the boat travels under the bridge. Pirates are singing and dancing to Yo-Ho as the ride comes to an end. 

Behind Adventureland is Liberty Square, a place dedicated to colonial America. The brick red walls are a tribute to Virginia. The Muppets perform a live show of  re-enactments of the most famous events in history. Further along in the land is Big Thunder Mountain. During the gold mine, a runaway train is loose. Twisting and turning, I try to catch my breath in between screams. 

Walking into the theme park, all problems, worries, or concerns seem to float away as if they were balloons. Adults become kids at heart as they watch their child fill with joy. The Magic Kingdom is a place where families come together and simply enjoy life. Within Disney is the memories my family and I have. It is a place I will forever cherish for years to come.



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