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  • Published: 21 March 2021
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What's Inspiration? What do you think inspiration means to you? Who inspires you, huh? You're not sure because you've never really thought about it. Ok, let me tell you what one's inspiration is! Inspiration is something that makes you want to change your situation for the better; Or someone who's going to make you think about your life and, or why you want to change it. Everyone has that one person in their lives that either influences or inspires them. Whomever, the individual is super important, particularly around teenage years because these ages are the times we're most vulnerable because we're learning and growing into adults. Some of the people who inspire me will be Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots), Emily Dickinson (Great Female Poet). Little did I know my next inspiration was two feet away. 

I have always seen the name of this student on the list of high honors, the monthly billboard student, and the lists of school awards. I didn't realize before I met him if he was just a young guy who did a lot of studies, and fine work or a young man excited about learning. while talking to him, he sounded genuinely in his field and the possibility of entering a new world of ***. He spoke at one point very much about the immensely complex and rigorous mathematical program at our university, and I asked him if the fields of mathematics would interest him at school. He said he probably wouldn't take any math in the future but was just impressed with the academic challenge and the chance to establish a decent background in every subject. He also seems to be a well-read student who is interested in learning in general.

He is undoubtedly brilliant in ensuring that he takes advantage of all the opportunities provided by a small school while accessing the world today by giving back to the community. Up to now, he has managed all academic difficulties. He shared some concern but was more excited that academic challenges would continue to be met given all fresh and exciting opportunities provided by the college, 

He was genuinely confused when he first arrived at college. Mohamed explained: "I've always been a reasonably shy guy." But I was not able to remain the same when I got to college. Also, "he added," the professors had familiarity with what they were talking about, actually. "His first college experience was really positive." He explained that he was instant buddies with his roommate. "I respected him so much that, for two years in a row, we were roommates." He joined the Student Government Association in his sophomore year of college, which was a turning point for him at the university. The way he was very selected was somewhat choking as he said: "I was a shy person, but because of my involvement in clubs and part-time jobs, people started to know me as the shy guy, but when there is an issue he fights ."And which he was ultimately the president of. This club was very popular and able to establish credibility at the University of AUI and the first of its kind. He had very little time for leisure activity between his studies. He still managed to make some lifelong friends, however.

His life was so busy that Mouhamed was a senior before he knew it. Overall, he had done quite well, but he still had a hunger for learning. He applied to the master's program in German without taking a second off.



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