Why Death Penalty Should be Abolished Essay Example

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“The death penalty is used to deter killers, but it models the very behavior it seeks to prevent. It teaches the lesson that it is acceptable to kill, as long as the state is the one doing the killing. Hence the term "capital punishment." This is somewhat paradoxical,” states Brad Bushman professor of psychology at Ohio State University. 

Death Penalty’s are wrong to begin with but when you kill the wrong person an innocent person because of false evidence its an innocent life that was taken/seized. As stated by 1st Ammender Flawed Punishment, “In 1983 the murder of Wanda Lopez in Corpus Christi, Texas was committed. The only eyewitness to the crime identified was DeLuna while he was sitting in the back of a police car parked in a dimly lit lot in front of the crime scene. There was no blood, DNA evidence, or fingerprints linking DeLuna to the crime but, officials punished and killed him for the crime anyway.

The actual murderer was a man named Carlos Hernandez, a violent criminal who [was] very similar in appearance [to] DeLuna. Hernandez even bragged about how he had murdered Lopez and gotten someone else to take the fall for him. Family members and friends of Hernandez also confessed that he had killed Lopez.” Whilst the death penalty being wrong DeLuna was killed for an crime he didn’t execute. It was Hernandez, who actually killed Lopez. The killing of one innocent person has been already too many, imagine this happening to several people accused of a crime that they didn’t commit. According to 1st Ammender Flawed Punishment, “One reason why the death penalty might not deter criminals is that most murders are committed in a fit of rage, after an intense argument, when people rarely consider the consequences of their actions”.

A guy for a example might have just broken up with his girlfriend because she cheated on him 5 times and he was upset he was furious and troubled. His ADHD and anxiety started kicking in. He didn't know what to do about it and ended up killing her. He wasn't thinking properly. Or someone could be depressed or sad because someone they loved had died and they might commit murder or a crime because of the moody state they are in. No person deserves to die over mental problems and thinking problems or no person deserves to die over a depression or a fit of rage. It's always an alternative explanation/solution. 

Almost everything you do or anything you do cost money even deaths. According to 1st Ammender Flawed Punishment it says, “Some people may be surprised to learn that the death penalty is far more expensive to implement than life in prison without the possibility of parole. Take the state of California, for example. The California death penalty system costs taxpayers more than $114 million a year beyond the cost of simply keeping the convicts locked up for life” Also,  just alone in the state of California, they also spend about $250 million dollars per execution.

The federal court also spends over $12 million dollars to defend death row inmates in federal court. Federal Court systems wouldn't have to use this much money and make people pay this much money if there wasn't a death penalty punishment needed. According to CNN, Fast Facts it states, “As of October 11, 2018, capital punishment is legal in 30 US states.” Many global countries in the world have banned capital punishment because they know it is cruel and unusual, but many states in the U.S are trying or looking to ban the death penalty as well. Also states who do have the death penalty legal have used less and less executions by the years. 

On the other hand, many federal lawmakers and fellow citizens decide that the death penalty is necessary and should be used at all times of murder. Stated by Death Penalty Fast Facts it says, “One reason supporters of the capital punishment are for death penalty is its effectiveness as a crime deterrent. According to the advocates for death sentencing, potential criminals will be scared to suffer such harsh punishment and as a result, they will be hesitant to commit crimes like rape and murder. In fact, for them, it is the greatest deterrent of criminal acts. If an offender commits a crime that is punishable by death and gets executed, this will be known by the public, including those who are potential criminals.

For fear of suffering the same plight, they will be discouraged to commit crimes.” As this information may seem true, some criminals are ruthless and don't care about the law they think death and it doesn't matter. It also doesn't give the prisoner time to think about their actions and decisions. Also again some of these cases might have the wrong person committed for the crime and the wrong person might end up dying. Also stated by Death Penalty Fast Facts it says, “If there will be no death penalty, criminals who have committed grave offenses will only get life sentences and stay in prison. With the increasing number of incarcerated individuals, the government will be spending more and more on food and health care of these inmates.

According to some critics, spending for people committing heinous crimes is impractical and a waste of taxpayers’ money.” This information may seem accurate, but taxpayers will really be spending more money on death row executions. It cost more to execute them than let them get a life sentence in prison. Also some taxpayers may think that criminals don't deserve fair treatment and they deserve to die, but if the taxpayer was in the criminal situation he/she would want the federal lawmakers to save their life and get a life sentence instead. 

In completion the death penalty is a very flawed for of punishment that doesn't need to be used. Instead, federal court systems should make the inmates or people on death row have life in prison, instead of dying. This way, if a murder killed several people instead of dying their doing there time by sitting in isolation for the rest of their life, which is not much of a life to live.



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