Essay Example On Drug Solving in the US and Mexico

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  • Published: 17 May 2021
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One way to try and solve the drug problem that involves both Mexico and the United States are to put troops on the ground. For years, Mexican military and police forces have been compromised and corrupted by the cartels, where in some cases they are being paid more to do nothing than to do their job. The President of Mexico has already started to do this, “President Felipe Calderón sent soldiers into the streets to confront drug cartels” (Mexico’s Military, pg3 The Washington post). The goal of this is to cut off routes the cartel uses to smuggle drugs. In years past, Mexican forces have been corrupted or killed by the cartel. Many get sucked in and choose to help the cartel and those who don’t are often killed. Boots on the ground has been done before by the Mexican Government. However, a force from the American government has not been done on a large scale. “America spends about $50 billion every year in eradicating drugs, however, only less than 10% illicit drugs are captured.” (How Much, pg2). This proves that all this money is being spent and very little is being accomplished. If some of that budget was delegated to training troops that can confront and cut off cartels, this group would need to be uncorrupted and tempted to “play both sides.” This group could target the big cartel leaders and production points. This would destabilize the organization and leave them vulnerable. The destabilization would cause these organizations to crumble with additional force and pressure.

Another way to solve this problem is to create high paying jobs that give the citizens of Mexico an alternative to being in the cartel. Most citizens of Mexico are stricken with poverty and have very low paying jobs. The minimum wage in Mexico is 141 pesos or 7.06 dollars per day. This extremely low wage causes vulnerability especially in the younger population, “Youth unemployment is between 7.5 and 8 percent (Double the unemployment rate for the general population of the working age), and minimum wage is so low.” (What can… Pg1). These organizations can lure these younger kids with more money than they will most likely ever make working any job they can get. Not only will building and adding high paying jobs will lure people away from joining these organizations;but, it can also make the economy less reliant on drug money. The cartels employ more than half a million people and they create an escape from poverty, although it is not what people do they often have no choice. Many roads and buildings are built and funded by the cartel instead of the government. Higher paying jobs and a better economy, could help lessen the cartel’s power in cities. One way to help with higher paying jobs is increasing the wage for police officers. This could lead to less temptation to help and work with the cartels. “Increasing officers’ wages will make the job more appealing and would also reduce bribes. As the world’s 15th largest economy, Mexico can financially support more public policing jobs with higher wages.” (What Can… Pg 2). The government has the power and ability to increase wages and make it harder for cartels to have power and control over the police forces.

If the wages were increased and higher paying jobs were brought into these areas, people would be more reluctant to go and work for the cartels. Not only can this help lessen the cartel’s power, it would improve working and living conditions in the area.

Similarly to increasing employment, another way of fixing the drug issue between the United States and Mexico are through a better education system. The youth are more likely to be recruited into the cartel if they are not receiving an education. Statistically, “ 50% of Mexicans do not even receive upper secondary education— more than three times the OECD average of 15%.” (How to… pg. 1). Rural areas such as Mexico are thoroughly affected by the disproportionate education funding they are receiving. The less people that are attending school, the more likely they are to join and become members of the cartel. “ Literacy rates in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca—home to the largest percentages of indigenous peoples in Mexico—are more than 10 times lower than in Mexico City or the northern state of Nuevo León.” (How can…Pg. 2). Increasing the funding of the education system would not only benefit the youth but also decrease youth activity with the cartel. Allocating more money towards youth education will inevitably increase literacy rates and overall keep the youth away from any cartel business. Protecting the youth is just one other way to defuse the drug war between the United States and Mexico.


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