What is Fairness Essay Example

Several people obsess with the idea of fairness and how things in life are not fair and how other things are not fair but what even is the term “fair”? In the article, Life Isn’t Fair-Deal With It, by Mike Myatt he states that life should not be fair in several different perspectives.  Fairness depends on your own beliefs but in today’s world fairness should not be a element in everyone’s daily life and the author’s claim that life is not fair is a valid argument.

Life is not fair and it will never be fair because things will not always go how you want them to and if life was fair a lot of things would end up going your way. The author, Mike Myatt, makes the point that situations in life may not always be fair but it is just a matter of how you deal with it and it is valid statement. The writer states, “Regardless of the challenges they faced, they had the character to choose contribution over complaint” (Myatt Par 4). By extension, the writer makes this statement to support the claim because everyone will go through obstacles in life it just matters if they decide to just ignore it and let it affect them or if they actually do something about it. Everybody is born into this world differently and have no choice of what families people are born into but you can always do something about it and Mike explicitly states that.

“We clearly have no choice about how we come into this world, we have little choices early in life, but as we grow older choices abound. I have long believed that we have no control over the beginning of our life” (Myatt Par 2). In other words, his quote is self-explanatory in the factor that nobody starts the same but as we age we have the opportunity to make our own choices and improve in life despite the obstacles. Part of the article claims that Life should not always be fair because if all people get the same treatment nobody would have the ability to grow. Nobody would learn anything from the same experience that others are faced with because nobody comes into this world in the same environment, as the author states in the article. 

When people say life is not fair they are speaking from their own opinion and personal experience. If often may be thought that life should not be fair but most people were raised on the idea that things should be fair and the author’s statement is also invalid in ways. Most people notice how they are treated and how the person next to them are treated and if everyone was treated the same everybody would have less motivation to succeed. On the other hand, it all comes down to your own perspective of fairness like Mike had said but you should never compare yourself to others and it does not make it fair to give everyone the same treatment because everyone reacts differently. It is said that you are more likely to grow if you make mistakes and learn from them that way because it improves their own memory for doing the right thing. Life is not fair but it is a learning process and if life was fair you would never learn anything valuable. 

 As a result, Fairness should not be included in any fragment of anyone’s day according to Mike Myatt and several others also believe this point as valid, as it is. Life is not fair and every individual in this world will face complications but it will not get better if you yourself do not take action. It is understandable that nobody has a choice of  how they come into existence and some people have it harder than others but it will just be like that sometimes and if you really want it you will have to work for it. The article, Life is not fair- Deal with it, is an extremely valid article in the reasoning that all the claims stated are accurate and several humans can relate to this piece of writing.



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