The Most Effective Hiring Tools Essay Example 2021

The Most Effective Hiring Tools Essay Example 2021
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After reviewing this job posting and identifying the necessary skills of the job, I believe the most effective hiring tools would be a personality test followed by an interview and finally an assessment center test. This order is from easiest to most difficult to administer, reducing complications and time. Additionally, this order is from least selective to most selective, creating a narrowing selection pool and reducing cost, as the final test can be expensive. 

Beginning with a personality test is important, because this company’s primary income is from selling events. Thus they need to hire people who are personable and professional. In addition their employees should be able to work under pressure and against deadlines. The ideal candidate is also a good leader, and can manage and direct a team of people without hassle or aggression. These are all facets of one's personality which can be assessed through a quick personality test when one applies for the job. The pros of using this tool first is it narrows down the selection pool easily. By putting this as part of the application it provides a quick yes or no for the application based off of a quantifiable test.  It also gives insight into the applicants personality and fit for the company. Unfortunately, those applying may lie about their personality, temperament or team skills.  

Thus, it is important to have an interview after the applicant passes the personality test. A face to face meeting will show the applicant's demeanor and ability to be professional and charismatic in a real setting.Well structured interviews in this case are effective because this job requires constant interaction with clients and team members. An interview would also give management the ability to see how well this person might sell something, and what demeanor they give off. These aspects are important, especially when picking someone who will lead groups of people. In addition the applicants work history and qualifications can be discussed. Possible issues are bias against people based on how they look and those with accents. 

After these two selections, an assessment center test would be a great indicator of how well someone would do in this job. The reason I chose this after the first two is because due to the tests specialization it tends to be expensive. Thus you should reserve it for when you have less applicants to weed out. This test would show who can perform under pressure, manage teams well and interact positively with clients. By placing people in groups to manage, having them complete timed tasks and possibly having client role-plays management can get a much better idea of how this person would perform. Additionally, a skills test of the required software can be performed here. The downside of this type of test is the lack of quantifiability, as they instead are more holistic in nature. Thus, it can be difficult to get a definitive answer as to the best candidate. However, the upside of an assessment center test is the involvement of a third party, which reduces possible bias. The assessment firm gets paid the same no matter who they recommend, but they may get a low recommendation if they recommend someone unqualified, so they are invested in highlighting the best possible candidates. 

Overall I believe the pros of this method outweigh the cons. The primary issues with the whole selection process is bias, and primarily bias against how people look. This is why it’s important to have both a manager and a third party testing agency review the applicant. The addition of a third party reduces bias. The rest of the job requirements such as using company software and measuring effectiveness based on a company measured standard can be taught onsite and should not be used to judge applicants as it would produce unfair results. Thus why a personality test, followed by an interview and finally an assessment center test is the most effective way to gauge a person's fitness for this particular job. 

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