The Emotional and Physical Trell of War in the “Sniper”. The Story Analysis Example

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Civil war is terrible because of the physical and psychological terrific damages , pains and injuries people go through and the most part of this is that civil war is a war fought between people of the same country it is also dangerous because you are fighting someone you know, you are fighting the citizens of you country. “The sniper” a story written by Liam  O'flaherty did not only  talks about the physical dangers but also talk about the psychological dangers of war he also talk of how a sniper was being hardened by war, fights, shed blood, and ends up going into mysterious injuries and terrifying emotional feelings on himself especially when he ends up killing his own brother his own blood. The physical and psychological dangers encountered by the sniper shows us how terrible civil war is to our country,and how it can damage our environment.

The physical damages and the horrible things being done in civil war especially when it comes to object are humorous “the sniper” a story written by Liam  O'flaherty shows and tells us more about civil war by talking to us about a sniper and the physical dangers he is going through the author did not only talk to us about the sniper but also about the other civilians. Furthermore the location of the sniper which is the “rooftop” makes the sniper to be in a very very dangerous situation. This is because the sniper could easily get spotted by his enemies and being spotted by his enemies easily could cause him death at any time. In addition to this the dangerous weapons viewed in the story are terrifying. We were mentioned in the  story that the sniper bullet could not “pierce the still that covered the gray monster” the sniper could also hear “machine gunners roar” .

This shows us how harmful the weapons could hurt someone , this also make us the kind of power the weapons had in such a way that the could roar. Also the horrific wounds people end up getting after fighting is horrible . This is because we were mentioned in the story that when the sniper shut the man in the turret of  The car “his head fell heavily on the turret wall” we were also told that when the sniper shut the women she “whirled around and fell into the gutter”. Although the sniper had harm many people he never ends up without getting shut by his enemies the sniper was shut in his arm  and “the bullet lodged into his bond” and “blood was oozing from his arm” while the sniper was fixing his wound he “ground his teeth to overcome pains”. All this quotes explain to us the danger war can pour on our body . This also show the kind of mysterious harmful way people die in addition to this if the sniper does not get help soon he may die and he is going to have a fraction. The author one us to know that war is not a save thing to do in our country especially when it is civil war, This also wants us to know the kind of damages war can pour on us .

The psychological dangers the sniper encounter to himself during the fight, the threat of attack, and the thirst of bloodshed affects the sniper emotionally. Furthermore the psychological dangers the sniper went through are very very dangerous . In support to this at the beginning  of the story the sniper was worried about being attack. The sniper was also peranio because he knows “enemies might be watching” . This shows us that during war people are always scared by their enemies like the sniper he knew the might be enemies watching and he was right about this .

These is trying to tell us that during war at any time you might get shut by your  enemies. Furthermore the soldier himself also seems to be harden by war and  he also looks further in killing his enemies . In addition to this we were told in the story that “the snipers eyes are looking deep and thoughtfully”. The sniper also look like someone who is use in looking at death. Also it state that the sniper is a “fanatic” and the fact that he is called a fanatic shows that he is addicted to war. All this quotes are showing us the way war has attracted the sniper in such a way that he is possessed by it. 

The sniper also goes into some serious emotional effect. In addition to this  after when he killed his enemies emotion flue into him. The story also state that “the sniper uttered a cry of joy” after killing his enemies . This shows us how the war has put the sniper into serious stress in such a way he cried after killing his enemies it also show us that the sniper is so so frustrated by this war. The sniper also got into the most terrific thing after when he killed his own brother thinking it was an enemy by the time he knew it was his brother he most have gone into some serious emotional effect. The author wants us to know  that war does not only leave you pain and wounds but leave you with emotional effects. This also wants us to know that during war you do not only get to hurt other people other people get to hurt you.

The terrific emotional act and body damages being encountered during war and the physical and psychological dangers the sniper went through are all trying to show us the humour of war to our world. “the  sniper”  written by Liam O'flaherty , the author wants us to know that civil war tears  apart families and it is also dangerous to our environment in addition to this he shows us evidence from the story to make us understand more about civil war. Like the sniper killed his brother .This story is trying to encourage us to stop civil war in our environment because if we keep up with this it will help destroy our country but if we stop our community is going to be safe.



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