Book Analysis: Tuesday’s with Morrie Essay Example

Tuesday’s with Morrie is a well-known novel that was published in 1997. This story is mainly about two men named Mitch and Morrie. Morrie was Mitch’s professor when he was in college. After Mitch graduated college, he promised to keep in touch with Morrie but, he failed to do so until he found out that Morrie was diagnosed with ALS. At the time Mitch was a busy man that was consumed to his job. He eventually started to get back into touch with his professor and they began to meet every Tuesday. Morrie was a very knowledgeable man who knew what the true meaning of life was, and he taught Mitch just that. Morrie continued to get ill and before they knew it his time was coming to an end, so they wrapped up their visits. Morrie died that Saturday after him and Mitch has their final visit that previous Tuesday. Just two years later they published the movie for the novel. They were both very similar, but they also had their differences. 

There were many points in time where the book and movie were both alike. In the beginning, Mitch was consumed in his job and did not pay attention to anything but his column in both the book and the movie. In addition to Mitch being consumed in his job, his personality changed in both from him being so self-absorbed and consumed in his job to understanding the real meaning of life. Another major similarity is Morrie’s death. Although it was sad Morrie died as he wished which was him being at his own home with his family surrounding him. 

Although the story and the movie had their similarities, they also had their differences. One of the biggest differences there was the fact that in the novel as a reader you only knew what the author explained while in the movie you get to view how the characters feel and what they’re thinking. In the movie, Mitch and his girlfriend Janine broke up and he went to her studio to try and fix it. However, in the novel, this never even occurred. One big difference between the book and the movie was that in the book Mitch’s brother was mentioned more than once. He talked about his brother having cancer and how they didn’t have a relationship anymore and how it hurt him. Eventually, he and his brother regained their relationship even though it took a while. On the other hand, in the movie, his brother was not mentioned. 

Overall, both the novel and the movie have their comparisons and contrasts. Some of them were small details that were altered but overall the concept remained the same. I personally enjoyed both the book and the movie but overall, I did like the book more. I felt that the book gave more detail and as a reader, I got to connect more with the characters, and I got to know more about them. Sometimes people lose the meaning of life but all it takes is for one person to spread their knowledge to let them know the true meaning and how to live a fulfilled life.



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