Salem Witch Trials Essay Example

It was a harsh winter night and Abigale Williams was doing future telling with a slave in Salem mastitis. Normally in the winter she would gout side and play in the snow, but this winter was different. it was harsh and grueling everybody was low on rations and water they were scared. She saw something that desorbed her so much she started acting weird. She would scream for no reason and roll on the floor. Her parents took her to the doctor, and he said she was bewitched. Her parents had no idea what to do. Everybody was confused and scared. They started to speculate that god was punishing them since this winter is so harsh and grueling now a girl is bewitched.

2 days after the girl is starting to act better but she has random outburst. She blamed the bewitching on the slave Tituba. She confessed but before she got hung, she said there were other witches. Those people were Martha Corey, Rebeca nurse, john proctor, and minister george Burroughs. Many other girls started to act weird and as to not get into trouble the girls would tell their parents who bewitched them which was normally someone their parents didn’t like. This started the Salem witch trials. 

The first person to be trialed was Martha Corey. They found her guilty based on what they thought about her. She had a mixed child and a white husband she was hung after her trial, but she still said she was innocent. They next few months were grueling, and Giles Cory was being stretched out and placed rocks on his body after 2 days of this he finally was crushed.  The next person to be accused was Rebeca nurse was a really socking since she was a 71-year-old and geniuses. She was found guilty and hung to death. 

However the most surprising one was village minister. He was accused of being the master of the witches. This is mostly because he often said he had cult powers when angry. The people found him guilty he was hung to death. Many more people were hung and executed. However, someone said the girl was lying. That person was john proctor He was found guilty and hung.

The next few weeks were full of panic and torture. Girls were suddenly bewitched. People were being killed left and right. People thought they killed them all, but a sudden outburst of smallpox made them think the witches were still alive. This started another spree of killing of incessant people. However, just as soon as it started the trials and killing, and the accusations just stopped. All the death and torture were for nothing cause there never was witches. It was all a girl who did witchcraft and said there were witches and the people hung were just guilty off of ghost evidence.



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