The Right for Contraception to Avoid the Unwanted Pregnancy Essay Example

Contraception is the use of a barrier against reproduction. Contraceptives are items such as pills, condoms, and surgeries. They are available for anyone to use when they and their partner wish to not conceive a child at the time. There is controversy whether contraceptives are something that should be available. Some people believe it is the decision of the individual. They also say it has benefits; health-wise and globally. Others say that it is unnatural and could cause unacceptable consequences and immoral behavior.

In the debate for contraceptives, people believe that the choice to use them is based on human rights and can also support women’s rights. Anybody has the freedom to decide what to do in their personal life and women should be able to prevent possible unwanted pregnancies. Without the freedom to decide this, they are being denied their basic rights. In Alex Mauron’s paper, “Ethical aspects of reproductive and sexual health,” he states that the reproductive rights are “Freedom to decide whether, when and how many children to have.” Without contraceptives, women could be having more children than they can physically and financially handle. With the right to use birth control, basic human rights are upheld. 

Furthermore, the right to use contraceptives can benefit the individual’s health. Unprotected sex can lead to sexually transmitted diseases or the termination of a conceived child. According to the American Sexual Health Organization, all methods of contraception decrease the chances of a pregnancy and both male and female condoms protect against UTI’s. Without birth control, a pregnancy could occur and lead to an abortion, which consequently, increases the health risk of the woman. So using them will undeniably keep that person’s body healthy.

Another benefit of contraceptives can be applied worldwide. With less children being conceived, the world’s population can decrease and allow the ability of populations to be controlled. The authors of “The Benefits of Birth Control in America,” write that “Pregnancy planning achieved through both the availability and affordability of birth control also benefits society as a whole in terms of fewer health disparities for disadvantaged populations, reduced child poverty, and lower public spending.” With the decrease and control of populations, this results in fewer problems within societies. There would be enough financial help for health care and impoverished children and in turn citizens won’t have to pay as much taxes. Contraceptives are a global benefit. 

On the contrary side of the debate, contraceptives are unnatural and shouldn’t be used. They are believed to be anti-life and an early form of abortion. In Joella Gerber’s article “Morality of Contraceptives Based on When Personhood Begins,” she explains that Catholics say contraception ends the possibility of a person made in God’s mind and is an abortion when the contraception stops a fertilized egg from becoming a fetus. Birth control prevents future generations from being born and is not the natural way of life. 

Also, contraceptives can bring about consequences such as the type of people who could have been born and health risks. According to the BBC, the potential eggs that didn’t become a fetus due to a contraceptive could have become an important person who benefited humanity. Moreover, they explain the health risks involved, “Contraception may damage the health of the individual using it in two ways; either through side effects of the contraceptive or because using contraception allows people to have more sexual partners and thus increases the possibility of catching a sexually transmitted disease.” The prevention of life and the possibility of health risks shows that doing things unnaturally shouldn’t be done. 

In addition, having the availability of birth control can lead to immoral behavior. It allows for promiscuity which in many cultures is extremely dishonorable. In the article “What Contraception does to the Individual, to Marriage, to Family, and to Society,” the author states “If there is no possibility of a pregnancy, then people begin to think that there is no reason to commit themselves to just one mate. That leads to extra marital sex, and premarital sex. The technical terms for these are adultery and fornication. Contraception changes loving a person into using a person; it degrades love into lust.” This shows that the sanctity of marriage is degraded by people being promiscuous. People can have multiple partners at once or cheat on their spouse with the availability of birth control. 

In the argument for contraceptives, they say that it is a basic human right to use it and women should be able to decide how many children they want. It can decrease the chances of a sexually transmitted disease and also it can control the demographics of a country. In the argument against contraceptives, they say that birth control stops the natural process of pregnancy, it has negative consequences, and it leads to immoral behavior. Personally, the choice to use contraceptives should be held by the individual. With the right education, the young adults of society can be taught how to practice safe intercourse to reduce unwanted pregnancies and STI’s. This can lead to a happier and healthier society.



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