Probably The Greatest Country in the World America Essay Example

The United States of America is one of the most wealthy, smartest, and safest countries on earth.  Simple things like a proper food system, electricity, and transportation are what makes the United States different from any other country.  With over 325 million citizens living in America, our government must have efficient ways to care for all these people.   There is massive farmland throughout the entire country.  Coal mining, which provides energy and jobs mainly in Wyoming.  School buses, which bring kids to education.  These are just a few reasons why America is a great and powerful country. 

America has one of the greatest farming countries in the world.  One important reason is because of the different regions. Cows, for example, are grown almost anywhere, plantains in the southeast, and deep-sea fishing on any body of water bordering the United States.  This means that people have a larger variety of food to eat and things to wear.  People can go on diets, become vegetarian, or even vegan and not have to worry about starving because we don’t rely on one food source, like many other countries in Africa.  Not only that, but these give jobs to American citizens such as farmers and fishermen.  One of these many regions is the great plains.  The great plains thrive on growing crops, because of a massive water source.  Growing all these plants are possible by the Ogalala Aquifer.  An aquifer is an area deep underneath the earth where groundwater is found. This huge aquifer is found in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. 

It is the most effective way that all the plants in the great plains are watered.  It also provides drinking water for people living in the area.  Jobs are given to the construction workers that build the pumps, which also helps the economy.  Bees are arguably the most positively-impactful resources in the country.  Farmers use them to pollinate their crops.  Farmers have bees collect nectar from the plant, and that bee brings that nectar to another plant and the cycle continues.  In fact, bees pollinate 30 percent of the entire world’s crops.  Without them, plants will not grow.  Another important trait is that they make honey.  Honey is used in many everyday items that people eat.  Cereals, teas, chicken, and bread are just a few things that honey can be used for. 

America is ranked in the top 5 of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.  This means that America must have a very efficient electronic system.  For starters, the United States has a vast variety of resources for using electricity.  This is very useful because if one system doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to, there are other methods for obtaining energy.  Many of our recourses are renewable and environmentally friendly.  This US uses 36,000 wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and dairy cow manure farms are starting to be used.  This provides different kinds of electricity for people living in different areas.  America’s electrical grid is the world’s largest machines in the world.  There are about 200,000 miles of power lines, which supply entire towns and cities.  Every day people are updating these power lines, making sure they are functioning properly, and that gives jobs to roughly 227,000 workers across the United States.  Coal is another huge helper with this “grid”.  Coal provides about 50 percent of all electricity in the United States.  Although it’s a fossil fuel, which means it is non-renewable, but America still uses it because it is very efficient.  

The USA has a very good transportation system.  It’s diverse because there are boats, taxis airplanes, and trains, and many other ways.  This allows people to have fast ways to get to the places they need to be.  The economy goes up because people can travel for jobs or travel to find jobs.  The economy also goes up, for there are ships and planes importing and exporting goods to other countries.  One amazing fact is that America transports over 310 million people every day. 

This is because we have an organized system.  People are constantly watching over traffic, changing the lights if there’s a jam, there is air traffic control, and many more things that people to just to keep transportation in order.  People can get to where ever they want to be.  Whether they just want to enjoy themselves or if they need to go on a business trip.  With everybody working these jobs that require transportation, people contribute to society.  Not every kid can be dropped off at school by their guardian.  School buses solve this problem.  School buses transport over 26 million kids every day.  The next generation will be educated and smart.  Children stay out of trouble by keeping busy during the week.  Parents don’t have to worry about bringing their kids to school. 

America truly is a great and powerful country.  The Ogalala aquifer is essential for any farming in the plains.  Turbines give a gigantic amount of energy, and it uses a natural resource—wind.  Trains and subways allow many people to travel at one time, and less carbon dioxide is released into the air.  America is arguably the best country in the entire world.  It is very fortunate then we all live here.



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