Introduction to Best Mortgage Lenders. Essay About Home in Austin TX

Mortgage lenders refer to companies that help people who may need homes or other properties on loan achieve their goals. It involves two parties,  both the lender and the borrower, who enter into an agreement whereby the borrower receives cash up front and then makes payment over a specific period until he/she pays back the lender in full. According to Yelp, an American multinational corporation, mortgage lenders have widely spread within Texas. From the recent updates in March 27, 2019, the following companies were recognized as the best mortgage lenders companies within Austin in Texas hence this is an important information to American residents living in the area, who would want to lend a property.

1. Austin Mortgage

Max Leaman is the branch manager and the founder of this mortgage lender company. It was established in 2001; and since, then up to now it has really grown it has a variety of loan products which include Conventional, FHA, VA,USDA and Jumbo being the main ones. It does offer 10 loans per borrowers, which is contrary to other lenders whose loan limit is four loans per borrowers. Besides this, it has the following benefits to its customers:; quick loan delivery, low lending fees with greater rates and assist in loan emergencies. In 2016 ,Leaman’s team emerged the best mortgage lending companies as it offered the best services to its customers( Source: Mortgage Executive Magazine,2017)

2. Strub residential

Strub residential was established in 2004 by Mark Strub. It does mainly deal with real estate sales in Central Texas. Mark Strub has used his unique skills like the communications skills and technological skills which has made him become more successful in sales and also meeting clients needs on questions concerning the terms and condition of mortgage purchase.

3. Vista Lending

Four lending professionals who were tired of working for companies developed it. They used their skills to develop this company, which has now been lending at lower cost, favorable rates. Vista has been preferred since it does offer a solid record of accomplishment of clients, which is a feature, not found in most companies.

4. UFCU Mortgage Services

A company aims mainly at improving member’s bottom line in that it offers education online concerning real estate investing. They also offer a wide range of mortgage products at a lower cost.

5. New Horizon Mortgage 

This company was established in 1995 mainly to offer mortgage services to its borrowers. Stewart Anderson is the manager of the company and he has brought a great transition in the company since he joined as he had great experience in mortgage lending. His achievements include; offers free consultations, effective communication and education on steps regarding the lending process.


The above mortgage lenders companies in Austin Texas are the top five best companies in terms of the services delivered to customers. I would therefore recommend American residents living within the area to access the services being offered by those companies.



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