Narrative Essay on 9/11

Nine Eleven was a travesty for the United States it was the day there was an attack on the world trade center in this report I will explain to you what happened to the first two planes, what happened to the second two, the immediate effects, who caused Nine Eleven and their motives, what happened to the first responders there, how did we fight the threat that caused Nine Eleven, what happened to the economy , what was the aftermath, and how we remember 9/11 now.

On the ninth of September four planes in total hit the United States the first planes hit the world trade center in New York. When the first plane hit the north tower, it hit around the eightieth floor and left a massive hole, hundreds wounded, and the people on the higher floors stranded. At first people thought it was an accident but after eighteen minutes a second plane hit the south tower. It hit the sixth floor and created a massive explosion which rained down a massive amount of rubble onto nearby buildings am dalo trapping people in the upper floors. After fifteen minutes suddenly the south tower feel dropping the entire building because of the hot engine of the plane and how fast it hit it, at 10:30 am the north tower fell only six people survived inside the falling of the towers while 10,000 wounded were treated, and many others died.

Two other planes were headed for the pentagon one did hit the pentagon there were one while the other was overtaken and hit in the middle of a field  when the third plane hit the pentagon it circled it till it hit the west ide if the pentagon and caused structural damage and a deadly inferno that collapsed a portion of the building which was the home of the United States of Defense it cause one hundred eighty nine people to die. The fourth and last plane took off and the flight was delayed so during the flight the passengers heard what had happened to the Twin Towers and all the passengers fought off the four hijackers and after they crashed into a field killing everyone.

You might be wondering who would cause all this and why were his motives, well the person behind this was Osama Bin Laden. He was the leader of an Islamic Terrorist group who were from all around Arab nations, they said their actions were due to the fact the United States were helping Israel, its presence in the Persian Gulf War, and them extending their military force in the middle east.

The first responders who started to help were battling against the toxic air which later in the future made them develop chronic lung problems, they were also trying to help the injured as hundreds of people were rushing out the tower and somewhere dying why, because there was so much ruble falling from the air a side note the first responders were left with a lot of mental illnesses due to seeing how many people died and how and after two thousand seven hundred seventy seven first responder were killed.

After the attack at nine pm president Joe Biden gave a televised broadcast speech from the oval office about how the events of today are not permanent and we will come back tenfold because our resolve is immense, and declared war on the terrorists and those who supported them and so while president Biden was still in office he moved military troops to Afghanistan and fought off the now called Taliban and after two months the army removed the Taliban’s power from Afghanistan, but still the war continued to Pakistan, and so on the fateful day May, 2 2011 the U.S. forces found Osama Bin Laden in a secret hideout and killed him, after the now current president Barack Obama had a major withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The attack on nine eleven caused a massive effect on the economy such as a massive loss in insurance for reasons such as, property damage, liabilities, workers compensation, and more there was also a drop in Airlines and flights because airplanes where grounded which means they are not to be active because people didn’t want another attack and the air ports were to refund all the tickets, one last example I a tremendous drop in tourism thousands of hotel employees were fired  due to the lack of flights because people were scared.

There was a big aftermath of nine eleven like the department of homeland security was created to fight illegal immigrant’s disaster relief and prevention so a lot more Immigration and Deportation happened there was worldwide sympathy for America and its struggle but there was also a wide spread of hate crimes to Muslims and middle eastern looking people because of the actions of terrorists who they did not have anything to do with.

Lastly, science nine eleven was such a horrible day we remember it and its victims some examples are in place of the twin towers there was a massive shrine built there with the victims’ names on it to remember the dead we also remember nine eleven because it’s date is now known as patriots day and congress named September eleventh as a national day of remembrance there was a museum built for the recovered artifacts of nine eleven and in New York 2002 there was two massive lights shined in the sky and was know as “Tribute in Light”.

Nine eleven was a tragic attack on the world trade center in the U.S. which resulted in massive tragedy and big negative economic impacts and because of the severity people on nine eleven remember the fallen.


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