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Do you believe hope leads to success? Junior certainly does. He believes that Indians have given up all hope, but although he is Indian he still remains hopeful. In the novel, The Absolute True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, the chapter “Hope against Hope” is a significant passage because it portrays the turning point in Junior’s way of thinking. Junior comes to the realization that if he wants to be successful, he has to go to where the most hope resides.

This chapter signifies the change in Junior’s way of thought and establishes Junior's way of thinking throughout the whole story; success is decided by background but with hope, you may be able to change it. He proves this by asking his parents, “Who has the most hope” (Alexie 45)  and they promptly respond, “White people” (Alexie 45) simultaneously. This proves that many Indians, including Junior's parents believe and accept that since most white people in the book are predominantly successful they have the most hope in succeeding in life.

Junior also believing that white people have the most hope asks to transfer schools. His parents, although were reluctant they offered Junior two schools that were on the rez. The schools were poor very poor. One of the schools had attendees that were white, but they themselves were poor. Junior referred to the school as “A school on the reservation border filled with the poorest Indians and poorer-than-poorest white kids. Yes, there is a place in the world where white people are even poorer than you ever thought possible” (Alexie 45). Junior is referring to the fact that even though white people in the book come from far more advantageous backgrounds than Indians, they have given up hope, leading them to live unfulfilling lives. Junior knowing these things, concludes that these two schools are not the right choice. Junior instead insists on Rearden. A school of which Junior refers to as where “the smartest and most athletic kids anywhere” (Alexie 45)Reside. Junior believing that Rearden is the most hopeful school ends up choosing to go there which in return sets up the main plot of the story. 

The chapter Hope against Hope in Sherman Alexie's The True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian may very well be the most significant chapter in the book. The chapter not only signifies the overall message throughout the book, without hope success is doubtful but also plays a great role in the rising action of the story. In this chapter, Junior decides to change his fate, and transfer to the school with the most hope Rearden, which the following chapters are mainly focused on.



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