Healthy Food Essay Example

Healthy Food Essay Example
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📌Published: 29 May 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn't have access to healthy food? Well even if you haven't about 23.5 million people have little to no access to healthy food. That number is bigger than the population of Ohio. Imagine if you had to wake up in the morning and have to wonder how you are going to provide healthy food for your family and yourself. It was proven over 132 studies that people that receive a lower income tend to be the ones with little to no access to healthy food. I believe that it doesn't matter how much money you have, that everyone should have a right to healthy food.

Having access to healthy food and making everyone feel like they are getting a healthy meal is one of our biggest issues we face today. Eating healthy food has many benefits for you and your health. The first of many reasons is it increases your life span by 10 percent when you have healthy food in your diet. So even if you eat moderately well and you maintained a healthy life you could still die sooner than you should because of the lack of healthy food. My next reason is it actually increases your focus in school, work, or even simple things like reading a book. You need to be able to focus during school, and how are you supposed to do this with all the unhealthy foods you are eating. My final reason is if you have healthier foods within access to you, you will have better overall health. This means you can actually save money on things like life insurance. Healthy food is a right for everyone no matter how much money you have or where you live.

I believe if the government opened up close and affordable grocery stores in lower-income neighborhoods so that they have more access to healthier foods. You would see an overall improved focus, better health, and a longer life span in our population. When we do this you will see that the number of 23.5 billion decreases incredibly fast. As the consumers that have access to healthy food, we should try to make healthy food apart of our diet. I believe it is our duty to help make this happen, to give people a hand and help them have access to healthy food.


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