Essay about The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Essay about The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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📌Published: 01 September 2021

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is currently signaling society to a change not only in the growing and pertinent digital ougrowings, but also in the physical execution of these elements. It is imperative to notice that this outcome has been a collective accumulation of knowledge that has led to this current occurrence. The first industrial revolution brought new powered factories that brought the importance of physical appliances to help ease the expansion and creation; the second industrial revolution implemented the science behind these productions and started rationalizing its quantities; the third industrial revolution finally brought the biggest insight into the digital changes that are pertinent. 

There are growing effects that this new revolution is striking in society. The range goes from discovering the brain behavior to affecting how humans interact with one another. This is what a societal transformation looks like. The values of one’s responsibilities and the new economy, are shifting perspectives. To be more detailed, new ideas and elements are being created in a digital value. An example of this can be how the brain is being observed to see how people can influence it to certain outcomes. The innovations are showing how society needs to be able to study and voice out improvements necessary for a successful growth. 

As the benefits are mentioned, it is impossible to avoid the negative effects this change  also has. The fourth industrial revolution is bringing concerns in the job distribution, the fear of automation, the lack of humanly approach, and increasing social/economic inequality. It is inevitable to mention how these growing benefits were most of the time unfairly distributed when the benefit was so great. Not only this, but the incorporation of technology in every single aspect is widening the gap between workers and creators, and labor markets are more likely to be disrupted. 

To finalize observations, it may be unclear to explicitly realize the applications that society needs to execute right now. But they are fairly simple. As it was stated in the introduction, the fourth industrial revolution is a collective assembly of ideas that were connected so far. It is not in the past nor a definite event that will occur in the future; It is a revolution that is occurring and malleable to change on a daily basis.

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