Essay on Mars. Can We Live on This Planet?

In the earth today, 92% of the air the population breathes has pollutants that are unhealthy to take in. The earth is clearly very distressed with conditions that are only getting worse. Year by year it is deteriorating until it will not be possible to even live on it anymore. Now imagine getting a fresh start and the opportunity to keep it fresh forever. In the society we have created, it is possible to begin again and retain the beauty and liveability we all wish to have.  Our scientists have worked for years to create advanced technology that help support human life on Mars. We would like to take a select few to live in this society and experience the life they deserve. Through simple yet effective laws, improved family life, and a plentiful selection of jobs, life on Mars will be beneficial to all who live there.

In the 10 laws of this society, they are guaranteed to ensure a positive living environment for everyone at any time. 

You must respect Queen Wishon

Contact with Earth is to be regulated

You must be bilingual and on the ginger scale

Mars is to be kept clean

Crime and violence are not tolerated

Every ginger is to be treated equally

All contacts with aliens and or people should be peaceful

Any and all scientific advancements given to Earth must be peaceful

Students have 4 school days and plentiful breaks throughout the year

There is freedom of expression, speech, press, and assembly

In order to keep such a beautiful society, it is clear that there should be no littering as seen in the 4th law. Greenhouse gases and global warming should not and will not affect the wellbeing of our people and our planet. The earth is in great danger because the greenhouse gasses they use are being trapped in the atmosphere and heating up the planet. This is putting you and everyone that you love in danger of living in an unsafe world. On Mars there will be no toleration for fossil fuels or harsh chemicals that affect the atmosphere. All resources are produced in safe, environmentally friendly ways to make sure Mars can be a forever home for everyone. In law 9, it is seen students have a 4 day school week.

As there are 687 days per year on Mars, school will be able to be finished in 6 years. The curriculum will be centered toward a students interest to keep them engaged and to prepare them for the future they aspire to have. School on Mars is designed to prepare students to grow up and get a job; with 4 school days and plentiful breaks, they will learn what they need, and they will prosper with less stress on things they don’t need to know. 

Also, children are required to be bilingual, preferably in Spanish and English. Queen Wishon speaks Spanish and English, and everyone should try to be like her whenever possible because she is our ruler. Because Wishon is a bilingual ginger who has traveled the world, she knows what works and what doesn’t and should be trusted to rule. Another important law to elaborate on the the 2nd. Contact with earth is to be allowed, but under regulation. In order to retain the success of this society, it is necessary to keep a distance between the two. All contact with earth will be peaceful, yet if someone is not on the ginger scale, they cannot become a legalized citizen. They can visit of course, but it is best for them to return to earth. As gingers ourselves, we know it is best for those of our kind to live here. This society is centered around the gingers, and it would be more harmful if someone else became a citizen here. 

As the population of Mars grows, many more families will be formed; our goal is to create a loving environment under every single roof. There will be a huge focus on creating families that are strong and able to last, and each member of a family will feel loved and appreciated for doing their part. Children in schools are educated on the importance of finding a partner that you will stay with. On earth, around half of all marriages end in divorce, and this puts stress on the whole family. 

We have seen the damaging effect on our friends families as they struggle with the consequences of divorce, and we want to fix this problem on Mars. To combat this, in our society divorce is only allowed once and is very hard to obtain, so we hope that this will encourage couples to think very hard about their decisions. Childcare and the correct time to have a child is also taught as these decisions will affect the way families run.  The family life of this society is fashioned in a way to allow the children to grow up in a safe and effective home, and they will be able to grow up and continue the cycle for the generations to come. Children are given a great opportunities such as access to free education and a multitude of extracurricular activities to choose from. This is in hope that children will grow up happy and healthy. Through a few adjustments in our society, family life will be safer and more effective than how it is on earth.

Though many societies on the earth struggle with unemployment, that problem has been eliminated in our society. To start with, a low population of citizens creates more job opportunities. All basic jobs are outsourced or replaced by artificial intelligence leaving the important and interesting jobs for you the citizen. Our advanced technology helps create many more job positions from rocket ship mechanic to intergalactic ambassadors. Each job is important and benefits the society causing everyone to feel like they are a part of something great. It is a great feeling when you feel like you are a part of something great; everyone is just as important in helping run the society. Along with being important, the jobs are interesting due to our advancements in technology. Another benefit this society provides is that the minimum wage is equivalent to ten dollars an hour on earth. This is a step up from the United State’s minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. All payment is digital which helps eliminate the need for natural resources to make paper and coin money. Digital money helps keep the society organized and easy to use. Through advancements in technology and outsourcing or using AI our society will have no problem with unemployment.

There has been some opposition to the creation of this new society such as separation of families and the more digital aspect. Because only certain shades of ginger are allowed, gingers with non-ginger parents will have to leave them to come here. This may be true, however it is not mandatory for anyone to come. It is all free will, and it is only trying to help. If someone decides not to come there will be no punishment, but they are missing out on a better life for not only themselves, but for their children. This may be the chance for you to turn your life around and become a part of something great. You are special and wanted in this society, and we would be overjoyed to see you do your part and come with us. People may also despise artificial intelligence and digital money because it is not “real” or people may not enjoy having services with robots working. The advanced technology is only going to improve daily life. With digital money, you will not forget all your cash or have to lug around change. The AI makes things faster and with more accuracy. They are programmed to do their job and to do it well. It is only going to help people focus on more important things. When surveyed, 4 out of 5 gingers said they would come to this society, showing majority respect the ideas and home we have created for them. Even with disagreements, it is seen that the benefits outweigh anything that seems to be negative in this society.

Mars is the ideal society because of the well thought out laws that guide our citizens, loving caring family life, and advancements in technology that lead to better jobs and a better life. This opportunity to move to Mars may be your only chance at a better life. Mars is free of the hundreds of years of damage from humans and a clean, safe place to live. We will use our knowledge of our past mistakes and build a new and ideal society for you to live in. Under queen Wishons rule we are certain that every ginger citizen will be happy to live on Mars.



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