Essay About Christopher Tompkins. The American Lieutenant Colonel

Christopher Tompkins was a Lieutenant Colonel who served in the U.S. Army for exactly 29 successful years and 3 months. A Lieutenant Colonel sometimes abbreviated as, LTC, represents a rank that is most often shown with a silver star as an insignia on the person's shoulder. As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, the max pay for a Lieutenant is $8,446 a month or $101,352 a year usually earned after 22 years of service. The Lieutenant is most likely going to be in charge of about 300 to 1,000 soldiers for drilling, missions, etc.  

Lieutenant Colonel Tompkins was a prominent military policeman throughout his battalion. A Military Police (MP) has combat zone responsibilities along with their law enforcement duties. Military Police responsibilities consist of: mounted and dismounted patrols, response force operations, area damage control, route reconnaissance, cordon and search operations and convoy and personal escorts. All of which, duties fall under the "security and mobility support" discipline of the Military Police Corps. Colonel Tompkins experience in the army as a Military Police officer was said to be “exciting and full of new things every day.” LTC Tompkins has traveled to many places like Afghan, Iraq, and Somalia all of which there are U.S. bases. Colonel Tompkins said he loved the experienced and the honor to be able to travel around the world and see different countries and follow their rules.  

In addition to Lieutenant Colonel Tompkins adventures in the army, Lieutenant Colonel came back out of the army for civilian life, he said it was quite the challenge” because he was so used to the rules and regulations of the army that he found it hard to adapt. Colonel, after 3 years of being retired from the U.S. army he then applied to Gibbs High School Army JROTC program to help benefit the school and the program which he successfully did. The colonel has also settled back into his house with a loving wife and no kids and with a nice 1 story house right in St. Pete. After his job at Gibbs he then leaves only to take care of his business.



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