Essay on Constitution. Time for An Update?

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The Constitution of The United States of America has not been changed since it was created at the start of our nation, here in America. Our founding fathers made it so that it will be the last test of time. However, there is much debate, for the times we live in now may be changing way too much and may need us to hold a new constitution that will be more adapted to our modern civilization. 

Still, we have made slight tweaks and updates to the original constitution as it is, something we have already had to do. We should not leave the constitution and make a new one for it be adaptable as it is and the main principles it rests on by the pioneers who built this country are what makes this country the country that it is today, like no other in the world. 

Our constitution is adaptable how it is today, being able to overcome new challenges we may face with changing times. It is an enforced rule of law in our courthouse explained by the national archives and record's administration of the U.S., “The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures” (National 

This is the due process in which an amendment may be passed into the constitution that would have to completely revise the constitution, therefore directly updating the constitution. This is a few votes in which the people, which are us, have the power to change such things. Therefore, the constitution is already flexible to changes and last the test of time for when this country stands.  

The constitution that stands as our official guide of principles which we run our nation by is and forever will adapt to the changes of time. The constitution amends for change as explained, “The Founding Fathers, in crafting the Constitution, believed it should not be easy to amend the nation’s founding document and principles” ( The founding fathers believed that whatever passes through to amend in the constitution should be a well thought out principle that should have worked for rightfully. The process was not meant to be easy, just possible, and the founding fathers ensured that. Each amendment made is refined and made certain of its being for the betterment of our nation for it is what dictates our nation's principles.  

The rights we are given and enforced are protected by the constitution, contrary to popular belief. The process ensures that it is just and equal, “...whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution...” ( The constitution has its own process and is ensured that it is equal and for the people. It is not an easy process, but if needed, congress or senate of state shall make it necessary to make a new amendment. This process makes the constitution held accountable to be under the people by most vote.  

The main arguments that are held by the opposition to ratify the constitution new, are mostly imposturous to the principles of this nation. Main argument, number one is that the process that the constitution undergoes limits and obstructs people's rights and says in it. Argument number two is that the process is simply outdated and makes everything impossible to happen. Simply put, the arguments that are most strongly made are because the constitution takes a lot of work to make new amendments and that the process pushes out people's say in it. These arguments are made from some convenience and misunderstanding of the process of the constitution our nation is held by.  

The arguments for ratifying the constitution of our nation are ridiculous. The argument made that the constitution pushes out people saying it does not understand that the process of the constitution undergoes under congress state and legislative for good reasons. The reasons are to our nation's stability and governmental strength internationally. The founding fathers purposefully made the process difficult because any new amendment made should be worth the hard work and time. This puts out popular arguments to ratify the constitution, justifying the process the constitution undergoes, and the significance it passes above convenience. 

Lastly, the constitution is fine the way that it is. Sure, the process is not an easy one and is convenient for everyone, but under a nation that comes together in a time of need this all goes away. For the amendment, any amendment, that passes through and is implemented permanently enough to be underheld and enforced by our nation, should be important enough to undergo a tedious hard process to make it happen. It should not be daily that we make a new amendment, it would simply dismiss the importance of our principles as a nation. Finally, our constitution is a valuable and adaptable one that is great and symbolizes what this nation was founded upon which was greatness at the hand of hard work and perseverance.   

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