The Causes of the French Revolution Essay Example

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The French Revolution was a war that was unlike any other war that was going on in its time.  This war was thought of many years before it came about by peasants, and other hard working taxpayers, but could not be started based on a lack of funding. The French Revolution was based on political conflict, an ineffective ruler, religious affairs, economic hardship and little representation. Although those were the main conflict there were many more behind the scene deals that went on.  France relied mainly on the third estate for money to run her government. 

As America had their breakout of a revolution, it showed the people of France that it could be done.The people wanted to have an outbreak but knew it was not possible alone.  All the people of France needed was a bit of motivation, which was the American Declaration of Independence. The justice system for paying taxes could not be justified. All of the pressure for running the government was on the lowest income estate there was.  This is the third estate which included the peasants and commoners. All of these people could not pay the taxes that were taxed upon them, there was not even a quarter of the  others income.  

Natural rights were a large issue of this time period.  Many people had different views on this issue, which makes this a very controversial subject.  Views differentiated from being born free and equal in rights, to have the right to property and personal items.  Natural rights had a large role in what people thought of others.  This meant that who you chatted with, had dinner with, or anything to do with, was based on what you believe.  

In France there were three social classes,  the first estate, second estate, and third estate. The third estate farmed and sold items to others.  They had more land than the first and second estate, but it was used for them to make a living off of.  Around fifty percent of their income was paid in taxes. The second estate consisted of the nobility of France.  These were the middle class people. They owned a lot less land than the third estate but made more money.  The first estate consisted of the Kings and Queens of France.  They owned little land but had more power than anyone else.  

Soon the third estate began to get tired of all of the taxes and harsh ruling. The third estate made the King ease off of the abuse and change up some of the ideas. Taxes were to be granted by the estates general and could only be put in place for a limited amount of time.  The third estate would now have representation. As well as taxes on land be made equal amounts based on income for each social class.  

In conclusion, the French Revolution was a war that needed to be done for years.  The injustice and harsh ruling had been going on for too long.  People could get nowhere in life, while paying high taxes that were in place.  This ten year  war was like no other.  It was time that the people of France realized that they should stick up for themselves and make a life, with no pain and abuse.



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