The Damage of Social Media Argumentative Essay Example

We live in a progressive society, yet most of us aren’t as advanced as our devices. Socially advance in society that is. Social Media has been amongst us for quite some time now, but now it is a widespread phenomenon accustomed to our daily routine. Social Media is an outlet source for people to broadcast and share their whereabouts or interest with anyone all over the world. We consist of leading platforms to do so like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter which is our President’s favorite to use frequently. People photograph their food and travel destinations every day and share the wonders of the world behind one single device. Devices with the right number of technical enhancements to make their photographs show every inch on how great their life is. Of course it is astonishing to share your adventures or the positivity you have in your life, but it is a general issue to do so.

How is it a problem? Well, there is an issue of people observing what’s behind a screen, that appeals them, makes them crave what they can’t get does something to them emotionally. Personally, I am a victim of this. Considering the age group that I am in I have faced this infliction of becoming moody when it comes to viewing internet profiles of people who possess just the great things in life. “As the popularity of the internet grew, depression and mood disorders among adolescents have gradually risen, becoming the most lethal affliction to young people in the developed world. Research on social media use has concluded over and over again that as social media use rises, so does the number of cases of depression and mood disorders.” (Waldemar, 2019) Of course social media considers its pros and cons, but it seems like the cons of social media makes more of an impactful topic than to focus on.

Social media remain an incredible tool to contain, but of course all good things don’t last for so long. When going onto certain platforms and certain profiles, like stated before, someone goes to extravagant trips and experience opportunities with their lover. It makes the person viewing envious, depressed, or anxious. Articles have proven social media causes high levels of anxiety in age groups from pre-teens to early adulthood. Also social media causes depression for age groups from young adults to people in their early 30s. “A University of Pittsburgh study found that social media use was significantly associated with increased depression" amongst adults aged between 19 and 32.” (, 2019) With so many statistics involving the mental health effectiveness from, social media reveals how being on these platforms for too long can cause more harm than good in situations like these. “Internet addicts may struggle with real-life human interaction and a lack of companionship, and they may adhere to an unrealistic view of the world. Some experts even call it "Facebook depression.”... researchers found that about 1.2% of people ages 16 to 51 spent an inordinate amount of time online, and that they had a higher rate of moderate to severe depression.” (Murray, 2019) The stereotype of this impacting mainly younger people of society can be put to rest. This issue is just as common in older adults than their younger counterparts.

Social media such damage to people psychiatric health, but these platforms necessarily shouldn’t be the blame. With the raise of awareness of mental health, it should be taken into gratitude that we have more outlets to further the awareness of mental illness in all age groups when it comes to social media. For anyone who is suffering from mental illness social media isn’t the genuine way to relieve it. Fasting from the internet can assist others, including myself, in becoming more connected with the world around them and eliminate one of the causes of their anxieties or depression.



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