Choices in A Raisin in the Sun Essay Example

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In A Raisin in the Sun, the younger family are a poor African- American family who live on the South Side of Chicago. The Younger family end up getting a $10,000 life insurance check, which was given do to the death of Mr. Younger. In this story there are two characters to make choices that truly shakes up the family in many ways. Both Walter and Mama’s characters truly have a big impact on the Younger family.

Mama is the head of the household, in the beginning of the play A Raisin in The Sun. To Mama money is not really that much of an importance to her, she demands that the members in her household to take pride in their dreams as well as respect themselves. Mama’s character is the kind who stands up for what she believes in and provides a prospective from an older generation. When Mama receives the check she goes out and purchases a house in a nice neighborhood. It was a dream of Mama and her late husband Mr.Younger to live in a house.

As Mama returns to her small apartment, she tells everyone what she believes is good news in telling her family of her decision in purchasing a house. Unfortunately, not everyone in the family takes the news in a positively light way. Ruth, Travis and Beneatha are happy upon Mama’s news, but Walter on the other hand is not all too happy with the decision Mama made. Walter  actually feels disappointed and bitter, mostly because in his mind he had plans to use the money to invest in a liquor store with Bobo. Walter also feels disappointed because as a dreamer and man he felt that his hopes were just ignored, and in his mind this was just one more example where life had proven to be a disappointment.

The plot of the play A Raisin in The Sun pretty much revolves around Walter and the actions that he takes. Walter is the typical man of the family who is struggling to support his family and tries to discover better ways/schemes to secure an economic well-being. Although Walter is rarely successful with money, he does believe that a lot of the problems his family is having can be solved with money. In the play A Raisin in The Sun Walter is given an investment choice by Mr.Lindner on selling or keeping the house that Mama had purchased upon receiving his late father’s insurance check. After being scammed of all the money for a business by his friend Willy, Walter was most definitely thinking about taking the investment money from Mr.Lindner. When Walter thought long and hard about what he was going to do to step up and show his son to be a man, he decided to not take the investment from Mr.Linden. Although Walter’s family knew that they all had to work hard to pay the bills now, they were all very happy to be moving into a bigger home where they had more space and a backyard. As family the Younger all agreed and had Walter’s back with his decision.

In conclusion, as a family one decision that one person makes can definitely affect everyone else individually. One decision can truly affect a person's life, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. When it comes to the Younger family you can really see that even the smallest of choices that one makes creates a big effect within the family. Lastly, when it comes to the decision one makes, even if it feels like a good choice not everyone especially in a family will take it the same exact way you are taking it.



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