The Novel Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis Example

The Novel Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis Example
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Throughout history, novels and movies have been based on the main character’s endeavor to find their identity. Their Eyes Were Watching God and Ralph Breaks The Internet explore the main character’s journey to discover their identity. Both display the main character’s journey to self-identification.

Throughout Ralph Breaks The Internet, all of the princesses look at Vanellope differently just like the people of Eatonville viewed Janie. Vanellope doesn’t fit the stereotype of a princess which led her to have doubts on who she truly was, and Janie doesn’t fit into the norm of women down south. In order to begin their journey to discover their identity, they must leave the place they call home behind. Therefore, Vanellope learns she must leave her game, Sugar Rush, in order to find who she truly is. Janie must also leave behind her hometown to discover where she belongs and who she is meant to become.

Throughout the movie and the book, both characters are confused about what their journey is supposed to lead to and begin to lose hope. Vanellope learns she is on the right track when her song finally is accompanied by the shining light the princesses adored. Janie begins to feel the purpose of her journey when she finds her new independence and freedom after the death of Joe. Both characters begin to understand who they are truly supposed to become.

Janie realizes when she moves to Jacksonville with Tea Cake, that it feels like the place she can call home. Vanellope also feels the same way in the game, Slaughter Race. Vanellope struggles with her decision to stay in Slaughter Race due to the insecurities of losing Ralph, but she understands it is the place where she is truly herself. When Vanellope enters Slaughter Race she tells Ralph, “The second I walked into the game, it felt like home. More than Sugar Rush ever did, it’s like my dream. I want this to be my normal, I want this to be my life. I just can’t go home now.” Vanellope feels like she finally found her home and a place where she can be happy. Janie feels similar to Vanellope because she has to leave her hometown and best friend behind. She feels the same way in Jacksonville because she gets to be with Tea Cake, and has never been happier. At the end of the movie and the book, Janie and Vanellope do what is best for themselves and separate from their best friends in order to explore their self-identity. 

Throughout the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and the movie, Ralph Breaks The Internet, both characters make tough decisions in order to identify who they truly are. Self-identity is still relevant today because it is a theme commonly used in novels and films, along with a journey that people constantly strive to complete.


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