Brutus Tragic Hero Essay Example

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  • Published: 07 April 2021
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In Brutus 1 the author constructs the persona of his poem by using imagery as a basis. This can be seen throughout his poem as he uses particular words that create a visual that aids the persona that he is trying to convey. This visual is seen in his quote " I must lug my battered body across the frontiers of the world, recite my wear-shiner cliche for nameless firesiders and fidget, a supple suppliant, for papers" (Brutus).  What this quote does is it crafts a visual that helps the reader understand the author's persona. I say this because words such as lugged,battered,and garbage-littered create an image of hardship throughout the poem.

Such words like these directly craft the persona of this poem by being very descriptive and imaginative. Being very descriptive contributes to our understanding of this persona because clear images in this quote help us see the feelings of said persona and these feelings directly construct this persona in this text because they capture a closer view of the character while also providing context and detail that help the audience understand the persona and what he or she may be feeling. Thus, it can be inferred that these words and descriptions were specifically used to craft his persona because when he uses them it better helps the reader get a grasp of the character's thoughts and feelings.

But that wouldn't be the only way imagery would  be used to construct  the persona of the poem because in this poem there is another quote that accomplishes this as well. When it says " I my baggage I bear explosives of reproach, and threat, and challenge" (Brutus). This quote here  creates a visual of challenge and distress. We can infer this because this quotes use of words such as reproach, threat, and challenge contribute to our understanding of the author's personas mindset and thoughts.

When we understand the personas mindset we better connect with the character and this connection directly constructs this persona because now since the  audience has a better visual understanding of the persona then it's easier to grasp onto the character and get invested. This would only be accomplished with imagery because without it the audience wouldn't be able to connect with the persona and if they can't do that then  it can't be effective for the author who wants to convey something using a character. How this kind of connection to this persona can be created is through the imagery as presented in the poem.



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