Compare and Contrast Society: The Doll’s House Essay Example

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In modern society, there is high status and low status based on wealth, what you wear and how you are perceived is what determines how others treat you. The short story, ¨The Doll´s House,¨ by Katherine Mansfield demonstrates how society isolates the two Kelvey girls since they are not wealthy and come from a dysfunctional family. They are labeled as outsiders and are forbidden to talk to any of the other children. Society can be divided and this story indicates that people are not accepting of one another.

At the beginning of the story, the Burnell sisters received a large dollhouse that was beautifully done in great detail, this doll house was every kids’ dream and it was worth a lot due to the furniture and functioning details. They were so eager to show their classmates (except for the Kelveys), the dollhouse was going to make them the coolest kids in their class, “They burned to tell boast about their doll’s house before the school bell rang” (Mansfield 202). This compares to society in such a way because if you own luxury designer items it shows that you have money and this makes you better since not everyone can afford to splurge on expensive clothing or accessories. Money means success and that is everything to society.

The Kelveys were not able to view the dollhouse because they come from a mother who is a servant that works for the other families and their father is not in their life, ¨They were the daughters of a spray, hard-working little washerwoman…This was awful enough… and a gaolbird¨ (Mansfield 206). The other kids had successful working parents who can afford to buy them many items which the mother can not do since she barely has enough to provide for herself and her children. In the world, there are many single parents who have children and they are left to provide for themselves with no help and those children miss out on opportunities since they are not the wealthiest and are isolated from their peers because they are on different levels.

The Kelveys feel that they can not associate with others due to them being lower in the social status,  ¨They knew better than to come anywhere near the Burnells¨ (Mansfield 203). This also compares how people in society feel that they should not associate with others who are in a higher position than them because they are successful so a person who is not as successful’s opinion would not matter. If you are not benefitting someone they do not want to waste their time on someone who is not on their level.

Although this story demonstrates many aspects of the insane world we live in, it does not cover the changes we made in society. People no longer tolerate bullying and there is even news about anti-bullying. When the kids were teasing the Kelveys, ¨Lil Kelvey´s going to be a servant when she grows up,¨ (Mansfield 205)  they faced no consequences which would not happen in modern civilization. People stand up for each other because bullying does get out of control, has harmed many others, and has made others feel worthless as a person. “Kezia clambered back on the gate, she had made up her mind...You can come and see our doll’s house if you want to” (Mansfield 206), Kezia was the kind person who wanted to give the Kelveys a chance because nobody ever gave them one. Kezia plays an important role in the Kelveys’s lives, she allowed the Kelveys to be a part of something they were left out of; in the world, people like Kezia are rare but special to find because everyone wants to feel like they are needed.  

Civilization has changed and adapted, we are one in total but that does not mean that we are all equal, who you associate yourself with and how you perceive yourself is what others will label in the social structure. Everyone’s life is different and goes through many situations which can be both amazing and difficult. A lesson to be learned is to be accepting, there should be no outsiders. Labels are existant but the do not determine who you are as a person. The story demonstrated factors of isolation, neglection, and social status. Always be genuine and kind to one another, you never know what people go through, try to make life better for someone and not worse.



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