The Branches of the Government Essay Example

The United States government is made up of three different branches. These three branches had responsibilities that went hand in hand. They all bounced off each other, and their jobs relied on each other to be done correctly. The three branches of the United States keep the government running smoothly, and they keep the production of laws run smoothly. These three branches are the legislative, executive, and judicial branch, and their responsibilities are to create, enforce, and evaluate laws for the country

The first branch of the government is the legislative branch. The main focus of the legislative branch is primarily to create the county’s laws. This branch is made up of Congress which is formed from the House of representative and Senate. Along with the two houses of congress, the branch also includes multiple legislative agencies to support Congress in completing the tasks needed, like creating laws. In addition to writing and passing laws, the branch has many other powers like declaring war, creating an annual budget, and making sure money from taxes are used properly. These agencies include the Congressional Budget Office, the Copyright Office, and the Library of Congress. When the three branches of the government were first created, the legislative was meant to be the most powerful. Although as this statement is now false, the branch is still an essential component to the government functioning correctly.

The second branch of the government is the executive branch. The primary focus of this branch is to carry out the laws. The executive branch is made up of people like the president, vice president, Cabinet, and more than fifty federal agencies. This branch carries out the laws and enforces them throughout the country. Most of the work done is this work is carried out by the federal agencies and committees. Another essential component of this branch is the Executive Office of the President. The EOP was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, and it includes the Office of Management and Budget, the Council of Economic Advisers, the National Security Council and the White House Communications and Press Secretary. These were set in place to keep the president on track, and to make sure everything runs smoothly while enforcing laws across the nation. 

The final branch of the U.S. government is the judicial branch. This branch’s main focus is to evaluate laws, and it is composed from the Supreme Court and other courts. The Supreme Court has the most power, although it creates the other federal courts to help with the laws. The courts interpret the laws passed and apply them to the cases they are given. While interpreting these laws they could also decide if a law was constitutional or not. This process was called Judicial Review, in which the Supreme Court could void a law if it was found with a conflict with the Constitution. Ever since the start of the three branches, the judicial branch was always the branch that hung out in the back. This is because they can not do anything until the first two branches finish making and enforcing the laws around the country. The branch first began to take shape in 1789 when the first bill was passed to the Senate. This soon took the name the Judiciary Act of 1789, and it set up guidelines of how the federal court system would operate. 

The functions of the three branches help to run the government smoothly. In result of these branches being made there is no complications of who does what. The legislative branch creates the laws, the executive branch enforces the laws, and the judicial branch applies the laws to cases. This helps the government run smoothly because these are the positions of each branch, and each branch knows what their job is. Each branch complete the task that has been given to them, and that is all they do. The branches do not try to take tasks from the other branches, they only complete the tasks that need to be done by them. The three branches of United States government were put in place to help the government run smoothly, and that is exactly what they have done.



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