Basic Knowledge About Bipolar Disorder Essay Example

Basic Knowledge About Bipolar Disorder Essay Example
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📌Published: 20 June 2021

Many people may feel that Bipolar disorder is something to overlook, but in fact, it is something worth looking into. Many people suffer from Bipolar disorder, it is very common in the U. S, with more than 3 million cases and counting of this disorder. Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression and is a mental health condition that causes high and lows in emotions which may result in mood swings and emotional trauma. There are few discovered ways a person can get Bipolar disorder, but there are several symptoms that come along with it; unfortunately, there are only few treatments for it.

There are few discovered ways that a person can get diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. For instance, since Bipolar disorder is something that happens to you emotionally and mentally, some discovered causes include genetics, stress, and the brain structure.¨Scientists have not yet discovered a single cause of bipolar disorder.¨(Source 1) In this quote, Scientists have discovered only a few causes for Bipolar disorder. Thus, only a few underlying causes are clearly distinctive to the naked eye but there are still a lot happening behind closed doors that we can´t recognize in an individual. Although there are only few distinctive causes for Bipolar disorder, there are also a lot of side effects and symptoms that come with it.

Having Bipolar disorder results in several different types of symptoms that you have to deal with day in and day out. For every moment of your existence, there is someone else out there dealing with these symptoms.  ¨Because there are many different stages of bipolar disorder, the signs and symptoms vary from person to person and from type to type.¨(Source 2) Each person is different and experiences different symptoms, but some of the most common symptoms include feeling sad, tearful, hopeless, or empty for the majority of the day on a daily basis, as well as engaging in impulsive, pleasurable, and high-risk behaviors. Along with having Bipolar disorder, on top of everything else, it adds even more on your plate with its several symptoms. Having these symptoms is something that you can't control, and with only a few treatments options for Bipolar, it makes it all the more so difficult for someone with Bipolar disorder to deal with their symptoms.

When people have Bipolar disorder, they seek ways to deal with it; but on their end, seeking help isn't always easy. In treating Bipolar disorder, medicines are used more commonly in order to make your mood more stable. Sessions for therapies help you regain the confidence and belief in yourself that is critical for a hope to recovery. Education about Bipolar disorder involves working together in order to communicate more effectively, to solve problems and to deal with stress. ¨Treatment of bipolar disorder can take many different forms: medication, talking therapies, complementary therapies, education sessions, workshops and sometimes respite care in the community is useful.¨ (Source 3) The only help people may receive for Bipolar disorder is medicine, education sessions, and therapies or they may just need a listening ear. These treatments, especially a combination of them, may be of benefit for someone battling with Bipolar disorder. They are able to think more clearly, live with less stress, and as anyone with Bipolar disorder would love; they regain their confidence in themselves.

The effects of Bipolar disorder varies from one person to the next, but you can find a treatment that works for you and one that will help you for what you need assistance in. Despite the fact that someone may develop Bipolar disorder or may be born with it and certain life events may trigger the onset, there is help. There are treatments available that truly make you feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically; there are options out there. Although there are only few discovered ways a person can get Bipolar disorder, but a whole lot of symptoms that come along with it; the few treatments that there are can be a contributor to the well-being of someone with Bipolar disorder.


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