Are Juvenile Old Enough to be Sentenced as Adults? The Juvenile Justice Essay Example

Are Juvenile Old Enough to be Sentenced as Adults? The Juvenile Justice Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 April 2021


The old testament act of vengeance that states an eye for an eye, This has been grossly misinterpreted and our society is paying for. Our juvenile justice system is broken and it needs to be fixed. Most of the time Juveniles commits knowing that they can work the system to their favor and will receive a lesser punishment then they deserve. Juveniles that heinous crimes should be sentenced as an adult because serve as a deterrent for them and others who will want to follow in their footsteps, It offers peace and justice to the victims family and most juveniles are mature enough to realize that their actions will have a  detrimental effect.

The juvenile correction system is in place to rehabilitate minors who commit petty crimes like shoplifting, vandalism, and minor offenses. It’s geared to help change their mindset so as not to graduate into committing a worse crime. This however doesn’t always work, and what do you so with juveniles that commit a vicious crime like murder or rape they need to be separated so they do not influence the other juveniles and an adult based prison is mostly best as they are still underage? Segregation in a juvenile detention center to monitor them and to provide therapy that will help determine whether after servicing their time and up for parole they can safely join the society and will not commit a similar or greater crime. An example of a TV show called “Scared Straight” where rude teens are taking for a visit to prison houses, you see how prisoners live and help them change their ways. At the end of the show, many of the youth testify about making a change for the better and some are hard set in their ways. Many youths find it funny they are not severely punished for their crimes and go on to commit further crimes knowing that it would be just a slap on the wrist and you'll be like back into society 

We all know but we have to be accountable for our actions and suffer the consequences of them whether good or bad. The family of a victim involve in a crime such as murder, rape and other violence deserve justice and if a juvenile commits such a crime they deserve the punishment to match their crimes. It’s heartbreaking when a family whose loved one was killed by a Juvenile hoping for a bit of justice from our legal system only for a slick, silver tongue lawyer to argue that the juvenile in question was young and understand the severity of their actions or attempt to plead insanity. In this case, if the youth involved is given a lenient punishment others perceive this as a slap on the waist and will also do likewise knowing that they can get away with it. It could be said that rehabilitation is better than incarceration but in some cases, rehabilitation is a waste of time because they do not comprehend the full weight of their actions because the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. For instance, in College rap, if these young men involved in these crimes are severely punished and not just suspension but a stiffer punishment, it is a guarantee that others will think twice before attempting to engage in such actions.

In conclusion many would argue that sentencing a juvenile adult's Bass prison facility will not help the child in any way or night I will eat rehabilitate them but they will be, ties beyond all measures and it can be agreed to some extent once a person is not held accountable for the actions knowing that what they are doing Harry's consequences got a Beyond repair that should give that person pause to think twice before acting on it but nowadays because how are you get away with a lot of things they think that crime does not pay so they go about committing perfect crimes like murder rape and violent crimes on people causing an Untold number of Heartache pain and suffering this we cannot let go on much longer if our society is to become peaceful and safe for us to raise children. We must discourage these acts of violence by any means necessary but at the same time, we must also put into an account. Some children have mental issues awesome Elite in developmental stages and that needs to be accounted for when anything is to be done in the criminal system finally we must also remember not only the family of the juvenile that will be hurt when a crime is committed but also the victims and their family it would have to live with that pain for the rest of your life and if we are not able to put a stop to it we are going to have more of these problems carrot enough site.


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