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  • Published: 18 April 2021
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Everybody hides a part of themselves, whether that'd be something like their physical appearance or their family upbringing and personal life, everyone has a piece of themselves that they'd rather hide. These are insecurities, and they range from a wide scale and on different levels. Someone may have insecurities regarding their appearance or their financial status, they may also have insecurities about their experiences and skills. A person will have their own set of insecurities and whether or not they would refer to them as insecurities or whether they would hide them or not is completely up to them.

An individual will also have many reasons for why they hide their insecurities. One personal reason I can greatly relate to is the fear of being rejected. Many people are often very judgemental and materialistic. And matching up to people more superior than you causes unrest and anxiousness. And more often than not, we want these people that are superior to us to like us, and to do this, we as humans tend to hide our insecurities to avoid being rejected by a potential compatriot.

What can we know about someone just by looking at that person? What can't we tell from the surface?

To carefully observe someone, we could quite easily assume numerous strings of information about an individual. Although these are baseless and materialistic assumptions, these assumptions only supply us with recent activities and the most basic of facts about such individuals. It does not conclude as to why this person committed such acts, as with a glance, we have only scratched the surface of a person's life.

How accurate are assumptions?

Assumptions are quite in fact, most of the time, very clear and accurate. Assumptions are the product of our intuition, past experiences, and our connection to modern society, as such, judging someone by their materialistic possessions and assets like clothes is often done and correct. In a first-world society like Canada, people have very little control over their projected status, as such, no matter how hard you try, it is often very difficult to change your base appearance. Everything and anything that anybody does is a projection of his/ her own identity.

What would we need to change for all people to feel comfortable sharing who they are? Do you believe this is possible, why or why not?

To create an environment where everyone feels safe and secure disclosing information about himself, they would need equality all around so that people would feel safe knowing that everyone is in a way similar to them so that they won't need to hide anything.

But this is quite impossible, the reasoning behind this is that human nature drives us to be better than everybody else, we as humans want to be the best, we want to feel superior. With equality, having the same thing everybody else has soon devalued the current object itself and that then drives individuals to pursue something greater and more valuable thus repeating the process.



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