All the Light We Cannot See Essay Example

Werner demonstrates great courage when it came to making big decisions in his life. Some examples of this courage include the fact that Werner chose to go to school instead of going into the mines. Werner was going to be forced to work in the mines but because of his great intelligence with mathematics and his ability to fix and create radios, he decided to go to school. Because Werner chose to go to school, he was faced with some challenging situations. Jutta, Werners sister warned Werner about going to school and she didn’t agree with his decision to go to school because she knew what he would end up doing.

Werner realized early on that what he was doing was not morally correct and he kept on with it. Werner was faced with some difficult decisions when he was told to do something that he didn’t agree with. When Werner’s friend Frederick was beaten up, Werner visited him, and to be clear, Werner knew what happened, but he still returned to school and kept doing what he was doing before. This shows that Werner had fate working against him but he didn’t help his situation any by choosing the wrong path. When faced with a hard decision, Werner always seemed to choose the path that would help him in the moment and he wouldn’t think about the future consequences.

The Leblanc family conveys signs of courage and faithfulness. When separated as a family, they still seemed to think about one another and never lose hope of seeing them once again. Even when a family member was absent, the Leblanc family was always there for the others. When Daniel Leblanc was arrested, Marie-Laure constantly received letters from him, she read them multiple times to think more about her father. This shows that the family was still trying to be close even when apart. When Madame Manec passed away from pneumonia, Etienne was there for Marie-Laure and they grieved the loss together. The Leblanc family had quite a few situations where they really needed family support and the fact that a lot of things happening to them was another way they grew closer together as a family. The negative side of fate seemed to draw the Leblanc family together, it was almost like eventually Marie-Laure wasn’t afraid of what lay ahead, she was more to the point of bringing it on.



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