Abortion Argumentative Essay Example

Abortion Argumentative Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 April 2021

This happened 2 years ago in the summertime, when me and my family decided to go to Vermont, USA. We traveled all night so we could wake in paradise. The sun was rising over the wing of our aircraft creating a beautiful hue of colors. The pilot’s voice came over the intercom and announced our approach with the usual warning to remain seated with our seat belts fastened, we were about to land. The second day we went surfing and my sister had broken her hip bone. We rushed to the hospital to have her treated and stayed there overnight.  

I woke up to the pungent smell of hospital disinfect, invading my nostrils. The room was silent apart from my heavy breathing and the beep beep sound you often hear in hospitals. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting in an attempt to sharpen the blurred images before me. I glanced around and took in the deserted, blue and white color schemed hospital bedroom. Beside my sisters' bed there was a woman no older than 22 crying with a man beside her. Out of curiosity I asked them what was wrong and he said his wife wanted to have an abortion but can't due to the laws, so she had to give birth to a baby who has zero percent chance of survival while she'll die too in the process. 

There was nothing more isolating than losing your wife for something that could have been avoided if not for the laws. When your spouse dies, your world changes. You are in mourning, feeling grief and sorrow at the loss. You feel numb, shocked, and fearful. You may feel guilty for being the one who is still alive.  

The world seems to stand still when you are told. That feeling you have never felt before, of total sadness. You feel faint and dazed as if you are falling or dreaming. You were told this was going to happen, but you could never be prepared for it. You don't know what to say, you are totally speechless. You burn up, feel dizzy but no tears will come. You have to get out of there, to escape, runaway anything to make this feeling fade. You just don't want to believe it has happened after everything.  

Part of you wants to cry your heart out and the other part wants to hit something with the anger that is raging inside you. Growing up I always thought that abortions should be illegal because it is murder. You are killing a baby that has its whole life ahead of it.  

You're pro-life until your wife is told by the doctor that her pregnancy is non-viable, her baby has no kidneys or a brain, and will most likely die before birth. Under new law he cannot remove the fetus, even if it is stillborn, and your wife is forced to follow through with the delivery. You get to watch the fallout of her having to tell family, friends, coworkers, over and over what is going to happen when they ask her when she's due. 

Anti-abortion movements, also referred to as pro-life movements, are involved in the abortion debate advocating against the practice of abortion and its legality. You're pro-life until the doctor tells you and your wife that she will most likely die if the pregnancy is brought to term, along with the baby. Your future, your soulmate, your everything will likely disappear in less than 1 short year and nobody can help you. You're pro-life until your wife has a partial miscarriage, and doctors refuse to remove the rest of the fetus citing the new abortion laws. Your wife dies of septic. You get to arrange her funeral. You're pro-life until your daughter is raped, and you're forced to watch her suffer through her pregnancy, only to have her die in a failed attempt to abort at home.


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