What Will You Do in a Dangerous Situation. 9/11 Essay Example

What would you do if you were caught inside a very dangerous situation? Well, that is  exactly what happened to Will Fuller during 9/11 in the book “We all fall down” by: Eric Walters. 9/11 happened when a plane crashed into both of the twin towers causing both of them to collapse. In order to survive this dreadful event, Will had to show tremendas bravery, determination and display a caring attitude in order to survive this event. 

Will’s bravery saved him frequently in the book we all fall down. One of the first times Will shows bravery was when he went down the stairs instead of up. Going down the stairs could have brought him a lot of trouble because of all of the flames and smoke on that floor. But his bravery to take the risk shows that he was brave enough to not be worried to go past those floors. Later on, Will also showed bravery when he went to get Ting. He should’ve kept on going, but he stopped and braved through going into a floor that could be very destroyed to try to save the person he didn’t even know. 

Determination is important in a time of crisis. This is exactly what Will Fuller learns in We All Fall down. He is most of the time determined that he will get out of there and into a better situation. Early on in the book he is determined that he will be able to get a hold of his mother to tell him that him and his father are ok but when non of the calls get through he is determined that on a lower level they will get enough reception to call his mom. He is also determined that the stairs including the levels that the plane hit without getting to badly injured from the smoke. As well as even though he knew that carrying down down the stairs would be a huge challenge he was still determined that he would get her down with her either on his back or his dad’s back. Finally, Will shows determination when he is determined that he would get to his father through all the rubble of the collapsed building and the fact that there no longer was the building his father was in. 

Caring goes a long way. In this bookWill shows a caring attitude which helps the people around him survive. The first time he showed how caring he was, was when he let his father ramble about the building because he didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Another time he shows he was caring was when he went to get Ting and carried her down the stairs despite not knowing who she was. While doing all of this, he also makes sure his father has enough time to rest so he doesn’t lose consciousness. In spite of all that was happening, he still cared about what his mother might be feeling because she would’ve heard what was happening, but would have had no way to reach them. 

On a final note Will Fuller survives the terrorists attack on 9/11 by showing great bravery, determination and handled the situation with a caring attitude.  From WIll going past those floors, helping ting and worrying about his mom when she should be worrying about him shows that will is a representation of the character traits.



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