“Where is the Love”. The Song Analysis Example

“Where is the Love”. The Song Analysis Example
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The song “where is the love?”by the hip pop group the black eyed peas was the lead single from their album “Elephunk” which sell 9 million copies worldwide and certified 2x platinum in the USA. However, the song that caught their fans and people around the world attention was the song “where is the love?’’which address many issues going in the world.In the song black eyed peas point out many graphics and disturbing facts about how we the people are slowly destroying the world and do not take any course of actions to change the situations.The writers believe that the lack of humanity in society, corruptness of the media and discrimination among ourselves is the reasons for all the chaos in our world today.

The writers believe that lack of humanity is one of the reasons why there is so much resentment in our world by saying,“ People killing, people dying, children hurting.’’(line 18-19) the writer uses those word to demonstrated how cruel and destructive the world has become and also specify how war has destroys our country and our children by saying “ Nations dropping bombs/Chemical gasses fillin' lungs of little ones/With ongoing suffering as the youth die young.”(34-36) at this point the writer wants us to think about our children and families and also want us to feel sympathy and think about the future of our society. The lyricist also stated those words ,“As I'm getting older, y'all, people gets colder most of us only care about money making.” (62-63) this line indicate how people in our society are becoming more unsympathetic and egocentric as years went by and it also shows that people’s values “money’’ and other possession more than human lives and well beings which leads discrimination and other social issues among us.

Furthermore, the writer mentions discrimination as big issues in our society that need to address and resolve between us by quoting, “if you only have love for your own race/then you only leave space to discriminate/and to discriminate only generates hate.”(9-11) those lines indicate how disintegrate we are as nation and it also point out how selfishness will only bring negative result at the end.The lyricist continue on to explain how politics and some big organization in our country are promoting discrimination, hate and racism by mentioning “the CIA,the bloods and the crips and the KKK.’’(7-8) the writers also believe that civility and respect, love for another is the only way we can end discrimination and bring peace to our nation.

Additionally the lyricists went on to criticize the media by stating that “the media always shown wrong and negative information.”(65-66) in this line the lyricist want emphasises the corruptness of our media. Moreover,the writers shows how untrustworthy the media is in those lines, “The truth is kept secret and swept under the rug.”(43) in this line the wants to point out how the media play with our trust by lying in our faces and destroy our belief.In addition, to all messages about love and equality, the black eyed was sending, however, they want their audience to also enjoy the song in have a great time by using melodic and upbeat instruments such as guitar, drums and other instruments.

In addition, to all messages about love and equality, the black eyed was sending, however, they want their audience to also enjoy the song in have a great time by using melodic and upbeat instruments such as guitar, drums and other instruments. For the chorus they use the choir to sing the word, “where is the love’’ the artist use the choir to create a deeper and profound connection with the audience and want them to ask themselves the same question. Moreover in the pre chorus the artists use a softer and calm voice while singing this line, “Father, Father, Father help us/Send some guidance from above.’’(22) this line shows the writer frustration and how helpless he feels with all that been going on in the world it also great emotions in the artist voice. Overall the artists use modern type of instruments to grab people’s attention while persuades and teaches them about the greatness of love. 

Finally, the song where is the love by black eyed peas was hit song in the 2000’s because his modern sound most importantly the message the song sent.The artist speaks about various worldwide issues such as racism, terrorism, war and many more. Throughout the song the artist shows his concern about how the world has become and want the people to take a stand for a better future for the next generations.

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