The Impact Of WWI On American Society Essay Example

WWI set the stage for major changes in American society and revolutionized how future wars would be fought in various ways; WWI impacted the use of weapons in wars, the roles of women in society, along with the roles of African Americans in society.

WWI strongly impacted how future wars would be battled and particularly the utilization of weapons in future wars. During WWI, weapons were already progressing and becoming more dangerous and they would only become more perilous for following wars. For instance, the artillery was a really deadly weapon that was the cause of numerous casualties and deaths. Concurring to the Artillery Google Form, the artillery is what had caused the most prominent misfortune of life and most profound fear during WWI. This weapon took away numerous lives and left many injured and harmed. In spite of the fact that the artillery was unsafe, weapons would only advance as time went on. During WWI, individuals were able to see how the weapons were working and what the disadvantages and advantages of them were, therefore they were able to alter the already dangerous weapons and make them more perilous for future wars. As something I know from prior knowledge, weapons only got more dangerous in World War II. This is due to the fact that individuals such as scientists and inventors were able to create advancements on weapons based on what they observed from the weapons in World War I. They were able to adjust weapons and fix their flaws based on their performance during WWI. These progressions changed the nature of warfare including battle strategies and tactics for the future.

Furthermore, society was impacted by the roles women played in WWI. Before WWI women had the same repetitive tasks of cooking, cleaning, and caring for men. Nevertheless, during WWI women were beginning to take on more responsibilities and roles. According to the Women in World War I Google Form, women were beginning to take on the tasks of men such as jobs in factories and more.

This emphasizes how during World War I, women were beginning to be granted more responsibilities and were able to play a larger part in this war. This was just the beginning of the journey for women to be treated as equals and being recognized for more than their gender. As for WWI impacting the future of women in society, WWI notably affected women's suffrage. Based on prior knowledge, following WWI, women were given the right to vote in various countries such as America. WWI helped people see women were able to be seen for their capabilities and skills rather than gender. Women's massive participation in the war effort led to a wave of global suffrage in the wake of the war. The decision women made to focus on the nation's needs during this time of crisis was acknowledged and politicians couldn't argue that a woman's place was solely at home. Women’s roles and rights in society was greatly influenced by WWI.

Another way WWI influenced American society is through the roles of African Americans. 

During WWI, African Americans were given more roles and were beginning to be seen for more than their skin color. Although it was difficult for African Americans to participate in World War I, some were still able to land their spot in the army and participate in combat. African Americans were playing a part abroad assisting in the war. According to the African Americans in WWI Google Form, African Americans helped build roads, buildings, and even trenches. Even though these were small and dirty tasks, they were still able to play a role in the war despite their skin color. In addition to this, African Americans were also able to work with white people in non segregated units after many protests which is still an improvement from before the war. African Americans were still viewed as less and weren’t allowed to command white troops, although it was still a step closer to equality. Despite African Americans still facing the same racist violence when they were returned home, WWI still raised awareness of the major issues of equality that still existed in the nation which was a start.

All in all, WWI and the events that took place during that traumatic era, strongly impacted future wars and american society. WWI and the artillery had affected the usage and deadliness of weapons in future wars. Along with weapon usage, WWI had impacted the roles of women and their rights in society as well. WWI had additionally influenced the roles of African Americans and the future of equality. Without WWI, nothing in the world would be as we know it today.


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