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Over the past decade Marvel movies have been capturing viewers' attention and gaining popularity through all generations. Men, women, and children alike have all found an interest in these action-packed films. What makes these movies so popular? Well, it all goes back to the details that carry through each movie. To be a Marvel movie worthy of watching, it must have action scenes, be relatable to us in some sense, and follow the timeline of other Marvel movies. 

An action movie without any action would simply be boring. Any movie worth watching needs some action to keep the viewers' attention throughout the film. This is especially true for Marvel. The action scenes in Marvel movies play a big part in their popularity. Since these movies are superhero movies, it is a given that there will be some form of action. Though the work that goes into these scenes is extensive, it is often overlooked by viewers when watching the movie. Not only do the actors have to perform dangerous stunts, some dangerous enough to need stunt-doubles, the film also must go through extensive editing that can take hours. 

Marvel movie action scenes make the movies so enjoyable to watch. These scenes keep viewers on the edge of their seat continuously wanting to know what happens next. It could be as extensive as Iron Man fighting off an alien attack with his power beam, or simply Bucky flipping a motorcycle over with his metal arm as he evades the police. Even though these scenes can seem to be impossible to us in our world, the setting of the movies often makes us question if it is possible. 

In many of the Marvel films, the setting is somewhere familiar to its viewers. Occasionally a film may be set in space, but there are references to places or things we know in our life that make the movie relatable. When the viewer can relate to the movie it makes it more entertaining to watch. Most of the Marvel movies take place in New York City, or heavily reference it in the movies. New York is a very established city in not only the U.S. but also in other countries. Knowing that the setting is a real place in our world makes the film that much more relatable. 

It is a given fact that we will not be having an alien invasion anytime soon, but how realistic these films are cause the viewers to wonder if just maybe it could happen after all. Especially since nobody knows exactly what may be living in the billions of galaxies that make up our universe. Viewers may recognize some settings, but they can also recognize some of our history in the movies. Some movies go back as far as the second world war to 4 years in the future. In addition to these movies accurately representing how people lived back then, but they also add the fictional twist of superheroes and villains making it enjoyable for all ages.  

Not only do the movies follow our history, but all the movies follow the same timeline as well. When watching the Marvel movies, it is best to watch them in order so you get the greatest viewer experience because a lot of the movies reference each other. In the movies they often have small comments and remarks to another Marvel film. These can be spotted by people who have seen the films that lead up to that one, but it will not make first time viewers confused. Watching the movies in order also allow the viewer to see the change that happens in the characters. Being able to see the characters grow throughout the movies, and watch them start coming together is a huge part of what makes Marvel’s popularity. A big part of what helps these characters grow is the struggles that they face daily. 

A lot of the characters go through problems that the viewers may experience every day. When we think of superheroes, we think of them as these great people with amazing lives who only want to make the world a better place, but the viewers cannot relate to people like that. Marvel makes their superheroes more relatable to the viewers, and show them that even people with powers struggle with mental health. They could relate to Bruce’s anxiety, Loki’s family issues, and even Bucky’s PTSD. Whatever the case may be, the viewer can find comfort in knowing that even superheroes struggle sometimes and that it is okay.  

Marvel does an excellent job at portraying topics that society has a tough time talking about so that viewers know they are not alone. For example, the character Natasha Romanoff cannot bear children even though she wishes she could. Sadly, lots of women can relate to Natasha and her infertility struggles, but they may find comfort knowing that it is becoming normalized through such a popular movie franchise. Viewers could also relate to the financial struggles that Sam goes through trying to keep his family legacy alive.  

In conclusion, if you like action-packed films with lots of experiences you may relate to then Marvel movies are worth the watch. Marvel movies are great for all ages to enjoy. Younger kids can find interest in the fight scenes, young adults could find interest in the ‘hot’ characters, and adults can relate to some of the struggles the heroes face. 


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