Lifestyle and Obesity Essay Example

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  • Published: 25 May 2021
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Overweight is a popular problem around the world. The healthiest way to lose weight requires that you change your lifestyle by making healthier choices every day. There are various ways to lose weight. Some of the simple ways to lose weight are discussed here. The overweight of human can be reduced by reducing the appetite. An important thing to reduce appetite is to use sugars and starches as less as possible. The less use of sugars and starches results in a reduction of hunger level. As a result, a person will eat fewer calories. On the other hand, the body completes its need by using the extra fats of the body. The two most popular “confining” diets are the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet, both of which restrict the number of carbohydrates a person can consume.

Dr. Robert Atkins, the founder of the Atkins Diet, addresses the fact that carbohydrates need to be burned immediately, and if they are not, then they are stored in the body as fat. His argument is that if you considerably reduce the amounts of carbohydrates you are consuming, your body would switch to burning fat, which would, in turn, lead to weight loss (Atkins 1). The second important thing about decreasing weight is to increase the use of protein, vegetables, fat, etc. The sources of protein are beef, chicken, lamb, fish, seafood, eggs, etc and some vegetables include cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, etc and the sources of fat are olive oil, butter, coconut oil, etc. It is not necessary to lose weight with heavy daily exercise. The exercise is necessary for losing weight. The best way to do exercise is to go into the gym 3 to 4 times a week. By doing the exercise, lots of calories will burn and automatically weigh will lose.

The simple things which a person can do in the daily routine and weight will also lose with it are numerous. The breakfast should consist of high protein. Don’t use sugar and fruit juices, try to make a routine of drinking water half an hour every meal, try to use those foods that results in weight loss, use soluble fiber, take tea or coffee daily, use unprocessed foods, the eating speed should be slow, the sleep should be adequate every night, etc. The use of water is very beneficial in losing weight. The water didn’t contain any calorie and offered several benefits of health. Processed foods are designed to make you eat as much as possible so we take more calories in processed foods and they produce a high amount of fat in our body and cause more weight gain. Another key method of weight loss is to use only one ingredient in foods. By doing this you can eliminate the sugar, processed food, and fats. In the same way, we can be healthier by avoiding processed foods.

Processed foods are designed to make you eat as much as possible so we take more calories in processed foods and they produce a high amount of fat in our body and cause more weight gain. Eating more sugar is also one of the causes to increase weight; it also causes many diseases like cancer and diabetes. An average American people take 15 teaspoons of sugar every day; this amount is hidden in various processed foods and drinks they consume to much sugar even without realizing and it produces more calories in our body. It shows that avoiding or take less sugar may avoid weight gain and different diseases.

The water will also help in maintaining the required hydrated level of the human body. Refined carbohydrates also result in the formation of fat in the human body. For losing weight, it is necessary to avoid refined carbohydrates foods i.e. white rice, white flour, cereal, pasta, candies, white bread, etc. A good practice to lose weight is practice short cycle fasting. It will help in losing weight. The use of fruits should be high for losing weight than any other food. Fruits and vegetable are natural foods and helped in losing weight. The use of lemon in the water and try to grab a small plate are some things that helped in losing weight.



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