Should all Americans Have a Constitutional Right to Health Care Essay Example

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  • Published: 18 August 2020
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We all get sick every so often and sometimes we face high and unexpected costs due to our sickness. Such sickness may include a broken leg or so on. Health care covers expensive and costly medical treatments. Unfortunately, not all Americans can afford it. Some Americans are convinced healthcare should be a right available to all people. Not all Americans are sure that is the correct course of action. All Americans should have the right to health care no matter who they are.

There are many reasons why people need the right to health care. One reason is that providing citizens with healthcare causes them to miss work less. Researchers at the Universities of Colorado and Pennsylvania found workers with health care miss fewer work days than workers without health care. Another reason is a right to health care could preserve lives. People could be saved from deadly diseases when they receive health care. Lastly, the right to healthcare could stop medical bankruptcies. According to the National Bankruptcy Forum, medical debt is the #1 reason people file for bankruptcy in the United States.

Of course, there are people who disagree. They argue the right to health care is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution. They additionally might argue a right to health care could increment the US debt and deficit. This is awesome Lastly, they may even argue providing a right to health care could raise taxes because the cost of coverage must be paid. This is not the case.

First of all, the argument that the right to health care is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution is incorrect because the founding documents of the United States actually do provide support for a right to health care. The purpose of the US Constitution is to “promote the general welfare” of the people. If this is the case, why not promote health care? Second, the argument that there will be an increase in the United States debt and the deficit can be disregarded because, with proper planning, we can decrease the debt and deficit caused by healthcare. Lastly, the argument that providing a right to health care could raise taxes can also be disregarded because higher taxes will give proper healthcare to the workers, who will get sick less often, allowing them to contribute to the economy more. This will cause a boost in the economy and make up for the taxes.

It is clear all Americans should have the right to healthcare. First, access to health care saves lives. Second, it causes workers to be sick less often. Third, the right to health care could stop medical bankruptcies. The United States should provide healthcare to its citizens.



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