The Great Gatsby Essay Example

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, he illustrates the weather occurring in the west egg to show the mood of the current events. He connects his imagery to moods and themes throughout the story to provide inside feelings about the characters and their highs and lows. By doing this the reader has a better understanding of how characters feel or the true colors behind their actions. In this example, you see Gatsby’s true selfish greed in becoming wealthy to win Daisy over.

In this short passage, Fitzgerald can show readers that the physical and emotional mood of the current and surrounding events. Diction like “faint flow of thunder”  help to create the physical and mental mood of the current time and events. Earlier in chapter five, you have Gatsby showing off his amazing assets to impress Daisy. He was successful for the most part and he was aware because of the expressions he outwardly presented. This paragraph starts to conclude the grand tour that Gatsby had waited 5 years to take Daisy on. As these outside events were occurring he commanded klipspringer to play the piano, although Klipspringer claims “he is out of practice."

This opens the eye of the reader to the fact that Gatsby had allowed his wealth to become his own greed. He was shallow enough to believe that Daisy would love him again, not for his personality but his wealth. That same concept can make Daisy seem shallow as well because Gatsby felt that was what she cared about, which is a clear reflection of the mood that is depicted in my piece of art. The storm is the despairing feelings that lay behind the wealth showing how unfulfilled both Gatsby and Daisy are with their current lives and what they have allowed their character to become and do.

I chose to illustrate my scene in a diamond painting to show how his wealth, represented by the diamonds, does not always show a happy reflection (the storm). I made most of the colors I used to be dark variations to show the gloom of the storm. I also chose these colors because dark colors are associated with the mood of greed and unhappiness. In the image, I placed extra emphasis on all the negative connotation items like the gray clouds and background to express greed and unhappiness. This overall contributes to Fitzgerald’s message that wealth won't always make you happy nor will it get you what you want. In this scene you see that Daisy was impressed with Gatsby’s wealth, but was not willing to leave her present life.  In this image, the overarching messages show Gatsby is unhappy with his wealth because he wants Daisy, yet his wealth fails to completely get her. 

The Great Gatsby is a serious social issue that many wealthy and poor people face. Many wealthy people find themselves unsatisfied with what they have and desire more to fill the hole that is missing from that constant searching. The poor inspire to be wealthy, but are unwilling to work for it or they fall into the same cycle as the wealthy. Gatsby throughout the story, let his character develop around his riches which caused him to fall into the storm of greed and unhappiness. Had he just found satisfaction and moved on from Daisy his fate may have just been different.



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