The Example of a Persuasive Essay on Immigration and How it Affects Americans

Hi! My name is Austin, today I will be writing an essay about immigration and how it affected Americans and immigrants in the early 20th century. The purpose of this essay is to show the perspectives of the Americans and the immigrants and their lifestyle.

Immigrants imagined and wanted a better life. They wanted to escape the native countries to live in the land of the free. They thought that if they came here they could leave their old like behind and start a new one. Some of the ways of them changing their lives was by coming to America and finding jobs. They had dreams of being successful in life. They wanted a brighter future.

According to “EyeWitness to” at the start of the 20th century European immigrants came to America to escape religious, racial, and political persecution, or seeking relief from a lack of economic opportunity. However these immigrants faced many challenges. One of these challenges, according to weebly, was getting into the country itself. After arriving onto Ellis Island, they had to be examined before they could enter the US, the ones who did not pass examination had to go back to their native country (Quick fact, Ellis Island was sometimes referred to as the “island of tears because immigrants were occasionally rejected and forced to go back to their home country.”). Some other challenges they had to face, according to “Library of congress”, Immigrants also had difficulty adjusting because of their previous culture and how most did not speak English.

Americans also had a hard time adjusting to the immigrants. The immigrants who chose to settle in American cities where jobs were located, because of this cities became overcrowded which caused cities to be unable to keep up with the flow of newcomers. Once settled immigrants started to look for work, there were never enough jobs, and employers often took advantage of the by paying them less Many states with small populations actively sought to attract immigrants by offering jobs or land for farming.  Social tensions were also a problem immigrants had to deal with. They often suffered verbal and physical abuse just because they were “different.” Even though large-scale immigration created many social tensions, it also produced a new vitality in cities and states where immigrants settled.

Immigrants would need to take a lot of steps in order to adjust to life in America. They would need to adopt customs, culture, and more. And they would need to learn English to interact with Americans. This would be long and hard but work out in the long run. According to “My Latina Table” You need to have an open mind. Even though the change of culture and surrounding will be very drastic, try not to be negative. Choosing not to judge will allow you to be an objective observer which will help you have a better multicultural understanding.

Even though immigrants had a hard time adjusting, they slowly learned how to adopt the customs and live in a nation that was completely different from their own. The children of these immigrants had that had to attend school learned English and helped the parents understand the language. According to “Constitutional rights foundation” they could begin to learn and write English fast. 

In conclusion many immigrants have had and still have in modern time’s trouble to adjusting to their new ways of life, but overtime Americans and immigrants learned to accept their new ways.



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