Essay on Technology And How They Affect Our Daily Life

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  • Published: 13 May 2021
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Technology has affected almost all aspects of life.  Have you ever thought about how technology affects teens?  You most likely have, but not in a positive way.  Technology has affected teens positively by helping them learn, earn more money, and inform them of the latest news 

First, technology can help teens learn with educational programs and tech in classrooms.  Some education programs can help kids with math, such as AoPS.   AoPS helps kids learn math using a digital classroom where the teacher gives all the students a problem they can work on and they ask the teacher for help.  Others programs can help with SAT or ACT prep like Khan Academy.  Technology can also be used in classrooms, for example, you can use Classcraft, an app for learning, to teach any subject.  Classcraft works by having a student watch a video and, afterward, having them complete an assignment designed by the teacher.  In Geography, students use computers to learn about other countries.  There are also an abundance geography-themed assignments using technology such as making a Google maps journey or looking and editing a map with specific software.

Second, a lot of teens want money, but now, they have more resources to earn money.  For example, they can create craft items and sell them on Etsy.  On the other hand, people can search for jobs on neighborhood websites and find jobs such as doing yard work for money, babysitting for parents, or tutoring a child.  The next option is that teens can simply find a job at a fast food place or a store.  Now, teens can find available jobs with as little as a google search.

Finally, some time ago, families would huddle around a radio or read the daily newspaper.  Now families can just turn on their television or watch an event live from their phones.  Also, families can watch news about a crime that might affect their family or a sporting event that they support.  Having instantaneous news is good for teens so that they know what effect their actions could cause.  They could find out how they could be helpful to the environment by reading studies by scientists. 

Technology can be considered negative, but it can also be extremely helpful.  Technology helps teens learn what they could've missed in class, earn more money by finding a good job, and having more access to more instant news.  Technology is an extremely useful resource and hopefully, it will continue to develop into better innovations of current technology.



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