The Diary of Anne Frank Essay Example

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The structure of “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl” differs. One difference is shown when, Edith’s, the mother of Anne Frank, feelings toward Mr. Van Daan is shown through different point of views.  In the diary, the only position shown is Anne’s, but in the play, several points of views are shown. Further, Anne’s feelings toward Margot are more personal in the diary rather than the play.  

To start things off, in the diary, Anne is writing about Margot and what she is like.  She explains she does not like how Margot allows herself to be pushed around. This is shown on page 358 when Anne writes, “I confess that I have absolutely no desire to be like Margot, she is too weak-willed and passive.”  Rather than in the play, we get Mrs. Franks stand on the situation.  In the play, it shows Anne and her mother quarrelling of Anne’s behavior. Soon after her mother states, “It isn’t necessary to fight to do it. Margot doesn’t fight, and isn’t she…?” In the play, us as readers get more of a plot rather than just one person's thoughts and feelings.

Comparatively, both the diary and the play explain Anne’s mother’s feelings toward Mr. Van Daan. In Anne’s diary, she explains that her mother does not like Mr. Van Daan’s presence.  This is shown on page 362 when Anne writes, “Mother has expressed a wish, which isn’t likely to come true anytime soon: not to have to see Mr. Van Daan’s face for two whole weeks.”  This shows that Mrs. Frank and Mr. Van Daan do not get off on the right foot.  Similarly, in the play, Anne’s mother expressed feelings of anger toward Mr. Van Daan.  This is shown on page 107 when Mrs. Frank exclaims, “No! No! No more talk! I want them to leave!”  This demonstrates Mrs. Frank cannot keep in her feelings of triumph any longer. 

In closing, both the play and the diary are similar, yet different. Both the play and diary, point out the controversy over Anne and Margot's actions, but in different ways. Furter, they both express Mrs. Frank’s feelings toward Mr. Van Daan. In the play, we can see thorough Mrs. Frank’s view on the situation, rather than in the diary, we only see Anne’s perspective.



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