Anthem For Doomed Youth Poem Analysis Essay

Anthem For Doomed Youth Poem Analysis Essay
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📌Published: 13 September 2021

How does the poet present the speaker's attitude in ‘anthem for doomed youth?’I think the poem ‘anthem for doomed youth’ is classed in my perspective as prejudice because “anthem for doomed youth” also states ‘a celebratory song” for the end of a “certain thing” ; For example the noun “youth”means childhood or future and “doomed” is something that is inescapable. 

‘What passing-bells for those who die as cattle’.The noun ‘passing-bells’ signifies somebody's death.In my opinion could actually represent the end of childhood.This phrase is introducing religious imagery to the poem, but it contrasts with the horrific experience on the front lines of war, where men die like cattle. The noun ‘cattle’ dehumanises the soldiers that are patriotic and despite fighting for whoever rules they didn't get a funeral.How they dehumanised the soldiers is that they've basically been slaughtered and now benefiting from their death with no value no importance and definitely no control over what's happening.The lack of respect and how they got grouped shows no individuality or dignity.Cattles come in herds right? So when i say no individuality i'm saying that all these men are dying at once.No power.No autonomy.In this case,Men are disposable,use them,but they are intended to be thrown away after use.Did you notice that the writer wrote those not “these”?. The closing line “those who die” is meant to encourage bravery to the fighters that go out there and help society ,instead they're getting manipulated by the propaganda of being patriotic and hiding the nightmares away regardless of the consequences. This is also encouraging people to face their fears of death.Its displays death as inevitable and part of human life.If i zoom in on ‘those’ it gives a sense of distance to the poem the author might use that word to talk about people who are far away, or whom you feel separated from. If you use "these," it's as though you're talking about someone who's right there in the room with you.Or in this case right by your side In conclusion the writers and the readers aspect is different because the reader may have no clue about the war however,the writer could experience triggers and flashbacks created from a traumatic event.

‘Only the monstrous anger of the guns’.This phrase Contains abstract imagery, and is able to describe how powerful these guns really are.The adjective ‘monstrous’ is presented in a vicious way.It highlights the anger and creates a metaphorical approach of the guns being “Monstrously angry”.This is personified because the weapons are being described as monstrous.This also shows alliteration and onomatopoeia which is creating and effect and making the guns seem harsh.Its also been given characteristic.

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