Theme of Government in Animal Farm by George Orwell

Theme of Government in Animal Farm by George Orwell
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Four legs good, two legs bad! We all heard it several times in this book. Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, was made to show people how humans act in society and alert ordinary people on how the government can try and take advantage of our citizens. Napoleon,snowball,squealer,old major,boxer,mr.jones,clover,and benjamin are all of our main animals. They all play a major role in telling us this story. This whole thing is taking place in what was manor farm which turned into Animal farm.

Napoleon, their leader rules the animals with fear and power and there is very good reason to believe this. He demanded power and then abused it rudely. He tricks the other animals into believing that he can save them but then goes behind their backs and decieves them. In the book he takes puppies that had been weaned from their mother and says that he would raise them alone. Then he raises them to be guard dogs and dislikes all the other animals. They were under his power shackled in chains and there wasn't much they could do about it. He would take power and then never try to interact with his fellow leaders or citizens. He put fear into them by telling them that if he wasn't there that Mr.Jones would come back and rule. That scared the animals so much that they just let him rule. 

We also have Mr.Jones the former owner of this farm. Mr.Jones abused his power so much that the animals finally took over the farm. But that's not important right now. He would oppress the animals and intimidate them by him and his men abusing them. Im and his men would use whips,prods, and harnesses to make them obey him. With so much fear the animals surrendered to him. This was a major abusement of powers. This being said, clearly we should have a government and leaders that make rules and keep the flow of our nation. However they should not be able to abuse us and their power like it is shown in the book. 

Overall thi was an eye opening piece that shows us how our world is still struggling with issues from years and years ago. This book also made it easier to understand the issues because it was like a cartoon. It affected how I see our government and how we should be aware of the things they tell us and what they aren't telling us. We should all be aware and up to date about our political issues and problems. Now, I wonder how our government is abusing us? 

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