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  • Published: 23 June 2021
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Art is everywhere and people who create it. This generation of people, especially young people, are very creative.  A lot of jobs now are involved with the arts. Unfortunately, many artists go unnoticed when they go out in the world. It is hard for them to find jobs, but that doesn’t mean that what they do is not valid. Artists are needed for many things and deserve to make a living. 

Artists have the right to do what they want. Anyone has the right to do what they as a job, as long as it is reasonable. There are many people in my life that have succeeded in doing what they love. For example, my aunt works as a graphic designer and art teacher in Austin, Tx. She loves teaching kids about art and she earns a good salary. In the area she lives, art is very present. So, she has the opportunity to design logos, album covers, and graphics for many people. Creating art is not limited to just sketching and doodling for fun. If a person has the talent and passion for it, why not make it a job? Even though it might be hard, it is what makes some people happy. It is wrong to say that such an important thing to someone is just a ‘childish, unserious thing that gets you nowhere.’ Doing art as a job is valid because it is some people’s passion. With the passion they have, they are able to do so much for themselves and others. 

Furthermore, businesses need artists to successfully market their products. Artists and marketing go hand in hand. This is where visual and graphic arts come in. Without good visuals, businesses won’t do well in sales. According to PR Newswire, “Integrating visuals in social media posts and advertisements is proven to improve engagement and click-through rates.” This shows that with the use of visuals, businesses get more engagement and raise sells. But, without artists, this wouldn’t be possible. Things from logos to billboards require a good image. With more people doing art/design as a career, businesses would be able to make more profit.  This can create more money flow, which helps boost the economy. Artists are willing to work with people; it is how they make a living.  It is appropriate to say that an artist can get paid for providing their time for companies and marketing. It is a job that helps many people. 

On the other hand, art is seen as more of a hobby, than a job, by many people. Since it is not a ‘real’ job, then it can’t be one. It is a hard job and, as Scott puts it, “... it’s somehow fundamentally unserious.” However, the idea that art is just a childish thing is an ignorant way to think. Artists make important contributions to society. According to Michigan State University, “art is about crossing boundaries and seeing things in different ways it can be a vehicle for public discussion, understanding social issues, and building social connections.” Since art is a very free concept, it allows people to see the world in different perspectives. Without creative people, we wouldn’t be able to have that experience. Furthermore, a lot of the things in the world come from (or are provided by) creative people, such as clothing, animation, music, theater, and art education. Those are some things that we need in our lives; they keep us feeling sane. So, it is valid to say that a person can provide us with those essentials and make money from it. Artists should receive good opportunities. Art is important for us to feel at ease. It is rewarding for artists to earn money, recognition, and life from doing what they love. 

An artist has the right to do art as a job. It is valid to make art as a profession because art provides us with important things. Currently, there are a lot of career options involved in the arts. Without the art field, many things wouldn’t exist. Without artists, this world would seem dull and the economy wouldn’t do well. We need creative people to make contributions in this world. However, they deserve to make money and create a life for their talents. Many people would be benefited from their work.



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