The Giver Essay Example

The Giver Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 September 2020

There is no perfect society or community in the world, If anyone ever tried to make a society better, it could go two very different ways. In The Giver, the community is very different from the real world. Two very important things to an individual was taken from everyone, that is choices and feelings. The society in The Giver would deteriorate if it happened in our real world.

Choices in The Giver was taken away from citizens in that community. Citizens can only do certain things, which causes people to be different from one another. By eliminating choices from the society in The Giver, it caused the people to act abnormally, if it was eliminated in the real world, it would have a huge effect and things will only get worse. In the community that The Giver goes by, the elders/leaders in the society take choices away from a simple injection to the newborns soft spot in the head. 

They do this when the baby is born so that the baby gets older, he/she wouldn't know. This helps them to fully eliminate the use of choice in their society. In The Giver, the father says, “We don’t dare to let people make choices on their own”. The real reason why they took choices away in the first place is because they think that if they ever let anyone make their own personal choices, he/she would choose something bad. They know this because of the past events that happened years ago. By eliminating/limiting choices from everyone's life would greatly affect a person's life. This would cause citizens to have a bad life experience because it would cause them to feel controlled and not themselves. A person's life is more fun and joyful if they had choices.

Feelings in The Giver was taken away from everybody in that community. Citizens can only really feel one type of way towards the whole community, that is friendly. This is why eliminating feelings would stop all communication/interaction with all people because there would be no friendships and or families. In the community The Giver goes by, there weren't any real feelings in the film. However, the main character named Jonas found out the true secret of having feelings. 

He then shared this idea with one of his childhood friends, Fiona. The elders took feelings away from an injection to a newborn's soft spot on the head. They do this when the baby is born so when they get older, they wouldn’t know. They do this so that in the community, no one would have NO real deep feelings for one another. When Jonas told Fiona about the real idea with feelings, he began to tell her that he loves her, she was really confused as she doesn’t know what love is. Without explaining, Jonas kisses her. By eliminating/limiting deep feelings from the citizens in the community, it caused a massive effect. This will deteriorate a person's life experience. It causes some people to feel isolated and sad.

The opposition may argue that taking choices and feelings away from one community would be better. If people in the community had choices and feelings, everything would go bad, this can lead a community to be a dystopia. The main argument opponents point is that without choices and feelings, everything would be fine. But for the sake of happiness and freedom, we will need choice and feelings. Still, I maintain that it is good to have choice and feelings because these are important to lives all around the world. If we didn’t, it would be a dystopia.

The type of community/society in the film would be a dystopia if it happened in the real world. An utopia society can be achieved in the real world. An individual can overcome a falling society by going against the rules and doing what they think is best for themselves and for the best of the community.


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