Alexander the Great Essay Example. Was He Great Indeed?

People are questioning if Alexander the Great was great or not great? Well during this essay you'll all discover if this man is great or not great. Accordingly, Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE in Macedonia more than 300 years before  Jesus of Nazareth. Greatly, this young man at the age of 20 took over the throne of the Persian King. However, it revealed the most famous person in history and his dad was King Philip of Macedonia and his mother was named Olympia but  Though Alexander the Great would be great because he was concerned for others, he was showing leadership and courage. Also, I thought Alexander the Great was great because my three reasons that explain that Alexander was great was that he took over land, Spread Greek Culture, and lastly he Respected his Soldiers.

Furthermore, an individual reason that Alexander was great was taking over land. From this evidence I found in Documents A and E. In Document A it was showing a map where Alexander the Great took over land and named it after him. Although, when Alexander the great took over land he named it Alexandria 11 times to remember him and to know who he is. Actually, he wanted to achieve his goal of the Persian Empire. Now in Document E, it shows a chart named Alexander’s Legacy. Though it was showing things that he has done when he took over the land, for example, Alexander founded 70 cities, and by the way the religion most directly influenced by the Greek art also the ritual. So this evidence was showing that he was great for taking over land because it was important to him and he was trying to succeed his goal. In addition, when he took over a lot of land people remembered him and admired him.

Therefore, the following reason that  Alexander was great was that he Spreads Greek Culture because in Documents E and F  it was showing how he spreads greek culture. However, in Document E is was how Alexander was admired by many people by spreading Greek culture and all the other things he has done. For example, he spreads greek culture by taking over a huge amount of land, well it took 10 years to hold the empire for Alexander, and then 11 years to build the empire,  and the religions actually influenced the Greek art or ritual, and other things in the chart called alexander’s legacy. Although the reason why it called Alexander’s Legacy was because of what he did and remembered the good things he has done by spreading Greek culture.

Lastly, a final reason that Alexander was great was that he respected his soldiers. By the way, you will find this evidence from these documents. Now in Document D, it was explaining that when the soldiers do not do it Alexander doesn’t do it either for example one of these sentences it said “ just before they reached him, they tipped the water into a helmet and give it to him. Alexander, with a word of thanks for the gift, took the helmet and, in full view of his troops, poured the water on the ground.”  that’s a good reason like what I said before if the soldiers don’t do it he doesn’t do it. In the Background, Essay is telling that the soldiers refused to farther because  Alexander the Great led his troops across Central Asia to fight battles.  If you didn’t know the soldiers stop in India along the Indus River because these soldiers actually wanted to see their families again they turned back. This evidence helps explain why Alexander was great because he respected the army by letting them take a break and go to see their family again and if Alexander respects the army then the army will care about him.



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