The World of the Hunger Games Essay Example

Alliances, water, food, sponsors, and little hope. These are all different things you will need in order to survive in the hunger games. You would think that the survivors would have this luxurious life to live in Victory Village, a district where all of the survivors live, and with all of that extra money, they have from winning. Well, their lives aren’t all perfect as they may seem or look on camera. The victors are often scripted and pretty much owned by the capitol, and used as a couple of pieces in their game. I say that for surviving the games and living a life of depression, and lack of freedom afterward, one of these victors deserve an award. Katniss Everdeen is very much worthy of this award because she is truly a survivor, she is intelligent, and she is a very independent young woman.

Furthermore, on page 345, Katniss Everdeen, along with Peeta Mellark, had won the 74th annual Hunger Games. But Katniss isn’t a survivor just because she lived through the Hunger Games. Even before the Hunger Games, Katniss fought for her life in the Seam. She was able to provide for two people, herself, and her younger sister Primrose Everdeen (Prim). Consequently, this led to some starvation. On page 5, Katniss reveals that she illegally goes into the woods behind her house to hunt for food.

After that on page 7, Katniss’ hunting partner (Gale) brings an entire loaf of bread into the woods from the Hob (the Hob is a public market, where Katniss and Gale illegally trade for food). For both Katniss and Gale, an entire loaf of bread from there is a fortune for them to be able to afford! Gale thinks that the employee felt sentimental for him because the whole loaf of bread only cost Gale one squirrel. 

In fact, Katniss is halfly a survivor because of her intelligence. Katniss is able to identify a berry to determine if it is edible or poisonous. On page 318, Foxface (the female tribute from district 5) committed suicide and didn’t even know it. She had eaten the poisonous berries called nightlock, and her whole body had exploded. Katniss isn’t doesn’t just know poisonous to edible berries though. She knows some healing remedies from her mother as well. For example, right after Katniss finds a pond in the woods, she uses iodine to help purify the water and kill the bacteria that could potentially be living in it. This is some knowledge that other tributes may not know about, and die from drinking water that could poison them.

In other words, the other half why Katniss is a survivor is because she is very independent. She has certainly shown throughout the games that she doesn’t need someone else to depend on in order to survive in the hunger games. Katniss has trust issues and has trouble making friends. So when she had made an alliance with Rue (from district 11), it wasn’t for her benefit, but for Rue’s. Katniss doesn’t need a hunting partner either because she isn’t a bad hunter, but because Gale is very supportive and her friend. In the arena, Katniss stuck with Peeta after the capitol had changed the rule because if she stuck with him, she knew that she would be saving someone else’s life. Katniss knows how to take care of herself on her own, but she likes to help other people too.

This shows that without question Katniss deserves this award. You may justify that Peeta deserves this award because he is too a survivor, sentimental, and has some camouflaging skill. But Katniss has proved herself more than any other victor that has won. As you could say, she was the underdog in the situation. Nevertheless, I grant Katniss this prize not only for surviving, but thriving.



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